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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


Enterprise Switching Business Unit is glad to announce Beta release 16.12.3 for all Catalyst 9200/9300/9400/9500/9600. This release is made available to allow users to test, evaluate and share feedback before General Availability (GA). We encourage you to test the Beta code and share your feedback as soon as possible. 

Obtaining Pre-Release Software 

Please fill-up a simple request access form, you will receive an email with links to download the software.


What’s New in 16.12.3? 

16.12.3 is a Maintenance Release code common for all Catalyst 3000 and 9000 platforms and brings in several fixes and improvements.  Some of the notable improvements include: 


  • Overall platform stability, improvements and more resilience.
  • Improved Buffer Management
  • Fixes around on SFP+/GBIC, GLC-T SFP’s
  • Memory leak fixes and better Memory and CPU management
  • Logging and Serviceability improvements


  • SDA: LAN Automation and PnP Improvements
  • PnP Provisioning now supports Dual uplinks.


  • Defect fixes around MACSEC, CTS, SGT/SGACL
  • Fixes around Autoconf
  • Improved logging and serviceability 

Note: The software is intended for lab test environments only and not recommended for Production use.  


Please submit your valuable inputs on the Feedback form provided below or email us @


Resolved Caveats: 

bugid headline
CSCvs35355 cmcc crash @ cmcc_sensor_register_cb following oir events
CSCvp51129 Traceback seen while removing voice vlan config from a range of ports.
CSCvq61644 IP phone not getting classified, session not created when interface defaulted with autoconf enabled
CSCvq78557 SWITCH_REMOVED event log not showing on console logging
CSCvr38087 Diagnostics errors after the Line Card OIR on C9400
CSCvr63642 To address sync done message missing after LC OIR and switchover resulting in HMS timeout
CSCvr64854 9400- inactive ports holding buffers even after line card removal
CSCvr73095 After aes encryption is enabled, entering plain aaa dynamic-author keys corrups key
CSCvr88090 Cat9300 crash on running show platform software fed switch 1 fss abstraction
CSCvr90237 Mulitple issues seen if we do SSO with MKA MACsec on Sup ports.
CSCvr90477 9500 incorrectly set more-fragment flag for double fragmentation
CSCvr98126 WNCD Memory leak@OBJ_WEBAUTH_IO_WRITING due to running Out of IDs
CSCvs13977 C9500H input queue wedge from ipv6 dhcp server configuration on SVI w/o global dhcp pool
CSCvs14374 16.9.2 ES standby crashed
CSCvs14893 802.1x-MultiAuth/MultiDomain: C9K - Traffic drop in egress direction for Data-Vlan on a Auth port
CSCvs14920 Block overrun crash due to Corrupted redzone
CSCvs15521 Incorrect interface up/down detection using QSFP-4X10G-LR-S breakout-cable
CSCvs18024 [autoinstall] obtained DHCP hostname truncated || DATACORRUPTION || CRASH
CSCvs19669 Crash at the moment of configuring ip explicit-path name
CSCvs34297 revisit fix of CSCvs22885 C9300-NM-8X  - SFP-10G module gbic-invalid err-disable
CSCvs42476 Crash during authentication failure of client
CSCvs45231 Memory exhaustion in sessmgrd process due to EAPoL announcement
CSCvm93748 Extra white space for interface in configuration after stackwise interfaces configured
CSCvp64464 CRC error incrementing with GLC-TE SFPs with speed 10
CSCvp73666 DNA - LAN Automation doesn't configure link between Peer Device and PnP Agent due CDP limitation
CSCvq18307 VRF routes disappeared after reload
CSCvq24181 Crash/Unresponsiveness after TDR test is set through SNMP
CSCvq65438 Copying config file containing SmartPort macros to run fails
CSCvq74407 Remote SNMPv3 users are deleted after reloading the router
CSCvr23358 Switches are adding Device SGT to proxy generated IGMP leave messages while keeping End host src IP
CSCvr28083 9400:  authentication on the sup should be moved under TAM services.
CSCvr41906 Imax error on adjacent interfaces in port-group
CSCvr46622 Cat9k || scaled mVPN || tracebacks and errors seen in FED trace
CSCvr57022 Routes not removed from routing table when Dialer interface is shut
CSCvr59959 3650/3850 Flow-based SPAN(FSPAN) can only work in one direction when mutilple session configured.
CSCvr62415 IOSd crash with tplus_socket_io_cleanup_internal
CSCvr79474 HW-faulty not  present in OID list for cefcModuleOperStatus object MIB:CISCO-ENTITY-FRU-CONTROL-MIB
CSCvr82402 SNMP timeout when querying entSensorValueEntry
CSCvr86223 c9400 Not able to configure power redundancy mode in SVL
CSCvr88026 C9407R Power setting, default to combine after reload
CSCvr96863 C9500 breakout interfaces on standby switch of stackwise virtual pair may remain down/down (UPLINK)
CSCvr98281 After valid ip conflict, SVI admin down responds to GARP
CSCvs25412 CTS Environmental Data download request triggered before PAC provisioned
CSCvs28310 Template push fails when trying remove logging configuration
CSCvs30569 cmand crash after removal fantray

Open caveats

CSCvs66001 Interface status comes with"notconnected" as speed:auto,10,Duplex:auto
CSCvs47211 Traceback is seen while verifying port security in basic stacking scenario on PVLAN port


Leo Laohoo
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

Is there an indication as to when 16.12.3 release date is?

Level 1
Level 1



I am also waiting for the release of this software. It would hopefully resolve our problem:


802.1x-MultiAuth/MultiDomain: C9K - Traffic drop in egress direction for Data-Vlan on a Auth port


As per TAC-Engineer this SW should have been released already last week. Why the delay?


Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee



16.12.3 is already available on CCO today.




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