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CISCO IOS Management – Best Practices

Deploying and maintaining reliable Cisco IOS® software is a priority in today's business critical network environment that requires renewed Cisco and customer focus to achieve non-stop availability. While Cisco must focus on their commitment to software quality, network design and support groups must also focus on best practices for Cisco IOS software management. The goal is higher availability and software management efficiency. This method is a combined partnership to share, learn, and implement software management best practices.

This document provides an effective operational framework of Cisco IOS management practices for both Enterprise and Service provider customers that help promote improved software reliability, reduced network complexity, and increased network availability. This framework also helps to improve software management efficiencies by identifying areas of responsibility and overlaps in software management testing and validation between Cisco release operations and the Cisco customer base.

Thanks & Regards,

Guru Prasad R

Linda Waterhouse

Thanks for posting the doc on managing IOS.   We have forwarded it to the IOS writing team.

In the Cisco Support Community, there are other communities where your document could get more visibility because the discussions are focused on a specific technology or product. You might consider posting this document in Documents tab of one of the Network Infrastructure subcommunities, possibly Network Management.


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