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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Cisco SD-WAN Cloud OnRamp allows you to simplify and secure connectivity to cloud applications and public cloud. Interested in testing out the latest Cisco Cloud OnRamp solutions?

The following use cases are implemented as Sandbox:

  • AWS: Cloud on Ramp for Multicloud on AWS including TGW and c8000v virtual cloud gateway creation
  • GCP:  Cloud on Ramp for Multicloud on GCP using Google Network Connectivity Center
  • Azure: Cloud onRamp for Multicloud on Azure with vWAN
  • SaaS Optimization with M365


AWS Use Case: please visit and search for "Cisco SD-WAN v20.7 Multicloud OnRamp Sandbox". dCloud is Cisco demo platform with hundreds of different labs and demos, which are free of charge for Cisco customers and partners. Ask your local Cisco Team for access to dCloud. Your local Cisco Team is also able to reserve the Sandbox lab and share it with you directly.

GCP Use Case: is coming soon on Google Google Cloud Skills Boost also known as Qwiklabs. 

Azure and M365: Sign up below to try out Azure and M365 use cases with the Cisco SD-WAN Cloud OnRamp sandbox.



  • These demos need to be tried only with the workflow in the guide provided below.
  • It takes approximately an hour to complete the workflow in the guide.


(A copy of reservation details will be sent to this address)

Please be patient: There may be a delay of approximately four minutes after you press the submit button. Your demonstration environment will be configured during this time.


For more information on Cisco SD-WAN Cloud OnRamp please visit SD-WAN CoR Documentation.

This is a great time to review the User Guide and get familiarize with the SD-WAN MultiCloud WorkFlow.


In the Guide-Azure_Sandbox, it seems setting up the expectation to demo full CoR for Azure integration with S2S use case as indicated in Figure 1 Integration. Then in actual sandbox setup, it only shows CoR Azure capability for S2C use case. Is the S2S integration not ready or not fully automated yet?

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