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how to identify 4451 throughput has been exceeded


Is there a CLI command on Cisco 4451 router that shows my aggregate throughput has been exceeded?


I have seen error messages logged in SYSLOG when IPSEC throughput is exceeded on the ISR4K platform, I expect that there is a similar message logged for normal traffic passing through, however I have never come across this scenario to be able to confirm or deny. 


As for CLI commands;

show platform hardware throughput level

show platform hardware throughput-monitor parameters

Paired with 

set platform hardware throughput-monitor threshold


Seem to be interesting to adjust what may trigger a log entry.





Thank you. Yes I have seen those commands.  This is the only CLI command I can find that shows how I might be bumping up against the aggregate license threshold.


show platform hardware qfp active datapath utilization summary   


I think you're on the right track with that CLI. 

I found bug which says that the  Throughput rate can be gathered with the SNMP MIB ciscoEntityQfpMIB as an alternate to the CLI commands I have previously mentioned. 


I also found a Cisco Live 2018 session BRKCRS-2010 which has some tips on identifying if you're hitting the performance license limit. 

show platform hardware qfp active feature lic-bw oversubscription 

Looking for Look for signs of evenly distributed buffering on interfaces
Look for drops on busy interfaces. Drops are not necessarily due to perf. shaper, but serves as an indication.




Found some more info I wanted to share.


For quick reference the logs that the device will give:


  1. Approached.

%BW_LICENSE-4-THROUGHPUT_MAX_LEVEL: SIP0: cpp_ha: Average throughput rate approached the licensed bandwidth of 2000000000 bps during 1 sampling periods in the last 24 hours, sampling period is 300 seconds


  1. Exceeding 95% threshold.

%BW_LICENSE-5-THROUGHPUT_THRESHOLD_LEVEL: F0: cpp_ha: Average throughput rate exceeded 95 percent of licensed bandwidth 20000000000 bps 25 times, sample period 300 seconds, in last 24 hours


  1. Exceeded.

%BW_LICENSE-4-THROUGHPUT_MAX_LEVEL: F0: cpp_ha: Average throughput rate exceeded the total licensed bandwidth 20000000000 bps and dropped 8 times, sample period 300 seconds, in last 24 hours


The document describe the behavior for ASR1001-X but it the logs and throughput license is the same as the ISR4000 family.




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