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Meet the Authors Video - Evolution of Overlay Networking

(Live event – Wednesday, April 30th, 2020 at 10:00 a.m. Pacific / 1:00 p.m. Eastern / 7:00 p.m. Paris)

This event had place on Thursday 30th, April 2020 at 10hrs PDT 

In this session, Cisco Press author and Distinguished Engineer Victor Moreno talks about the digitization of our world and how it has driven change and innovation throughout the entire IT stack. On the networking front we have been in pursuit of larger scale, mobility, elasticity, agility, and the seamless integration of network and security services and the relevant policies. At the core of this evolution are network overlays, which have remained a constant component of the architecture from the early days of Software Defined Networking, to the recent innovations in networking that range from core networking to Application Service Meshes. At the heart of these network overlays is the control protocol of the network overlay. This is a control plane that must fulfill a task that is very different from what traditional routing protocols must address.

In addition, Victor discuss the core principles that have proven successful in the evolution of the network overlay control plane and the benefits that these principles bring. This content represents part of the key content featured in the book The LISP Network, Evolution to the Next-Generation of Data Networks.

Featured Author
VictorMoreno.jpgVictor Moreno is a Distinguished Engineer at Cisco Systems responsible for the definition of next generation network architectures. Victor has over 20 years of industry experience focused on enterprise and data center network design and architecture. A recognized expert in his field, Victor holds several patents that are at the foundation of the key protocols and networking technologies that have enabled the evolution of networking to its current state. He has worked directly on the designs of global enterprises and service providers and has done extensive research on the topic of network virtualization, being a driving force within Cisco and earlier Digital Equipment Corporation for new product definition and technological direction. Victor is the co-author of the Cisco Press titles Network Virtualization and The LISP Network. Victor has published a multitude of Internet drafts, technical papers, and articles on behalf of Cisco Systems. Victor holds a degree in electrical engineering from the Simón Bolívar University, as well as master’s degrees and specializations from the Universities of York, Cambridge, and Stanford. Victor’s current areas of focus include Virtual Networks, High Density Mobility Architectures, Network Automation and Modeling, and Software Defined Networking Architectures and he is an active contributor to the definition, implementation, and standardization of the Locator-ID Separation Protocol (LISP).

This event provided an opportunity to interact with the author in real time and learn more about him, his story, the story behind his publications, and how he became a renowned expert.

Featured Book
LISP-book.jpgThe LISP Network, Evolution to the Next-Generation of Data Networks is the first comprehensive, in-depth guide to LISP concepts, architecture, techniques, behavior, and applications. Co-authored by LISP co-creator Dino Farinacci and Victor Moreno–co-developer of the Cisco LISP implementation–it will help you identify the opportunities and benefits of deploying LISP in any data center, campus and branch access, WAN edge, or service provider core network.

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This event is open for everyone, including Cisco customers & partners.
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