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What network ports are open on the cluster?

John Ventura
Community Manager
Community Manager

I wonder what network ports are open on the cluster?


- John

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Bryan Deaver
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee
Hi John,
I am assuming you are referring to tcp/udp ports which are external facing from the cluster.  
There are numerous components that make up the Tetration solution.  Most of the communication takes place between VM/services internal to the cluster.  Some communication takes place to/from the external addresses of the cluster.  Listing a few that on release exist:
TCP ports: 22, 443, 5640, 5660
Out from the cluster:  
TCP ports: 25
UDP Ports: 53, 123
This is the basic port information.  if you are running Tetration applications or using LDAP integration, other ports will need to be opened.
The functionality is expanding over time.  This means that the network services, protocol and ports used are changing.  The best way to answer this question is that you create an workspace ADM run on the Tetration cluster limited to the scope for the configured cluster external range.  That will tell you how this is working in your environment for the release and configuration you are using.

Go check here,



But i had to open a TAC because the cluster didn't bring up.

The problem was...there is a port to open on the deployment guide 15233 but it's wrong, the right one is 15223



For the management part if the nodes aren't time synced, the cluster doesn't bring up


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