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Is our reseller an approved source?, and "cisco shipped" date

Today we took delivery of a Cisco small business hardware product (a switch) from one of the usual local "box-mover" general online retailers.


Upon opening the box, there was a "read me first" CD containing a "Cisco Information Packet" telling us, that we have no rights unless certain things are true at the reseller (which is obviously beyond our control).


1. The reseller must be an "approved source", such as "A reseller authorized by any such distributor or
systems integrator in accordance with the terns of the distributor's agreement with Cisco to distribute /
sell the Cisco equipment, software and services within your territory to end users" .  There is no obvious way for us as an "end user" to determine if any of that is true, as "box-mover" resellers generally don't publish their supply chains or if they have any legal trouble with their suppliers.


2.  Warranty is conditional on the product having spent less than 90 days in the warehouse(s) between being shipped by Cisco and being shipped to us, in particular, the box contains no obvious indication of the date it was shipped by Cisco (despite the terms claiming that "The date of shipment of a
Product by Cisco is set forth on the packaging material in which the Product
is shipped" , no such date appears visible on the box).


3. The Cisco Warranty information website lists additional arbitrary restrictions on coverage, such as the warranty becoming void if the device is installed in the home of a teleworker or if the small business is moved to an annex of a residential home.


How should we proceed, other than attempting to return the unused product and blacklisting Cisco as a brand?


Update: As there was no response here, I contacted the seller who openly admitted to not being an authorized reseller.  So now I have initiated a product return due to this Cisco rule making the product completely unusable.  Cisco really needs to get its head out of its certification rear end and stop these insane anti-user policies.