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Cisco Community Designated VIP Class of 2020

A big Thank You to all the participants attending NSO Developer Days-US!

Cisco Employee





I’d like to thank all of you who came to New York City to meet other NSO users, core developers and subject matter experts on the two-day developer community meeting last week. The conference, held for the third year in a row, gathered 120 people from 30 different companies at Madison Square Garden to discuss and learn more about how NSO can help automate networks and bring more value to our end users faster. Screenshot 2019-12-13 at 13.34.10.png

Developer Days is a live event, held annually in Stockholm and New York, where the NSO Developer Community get together to share experience and learn from each other. All content can be found on the discussion forum, NSO Developer Hub. You find the discussion forum, getting started, hand-on labs and much more on NSO DevNet.


Through history, we understand the present and can better determine our destiny. Fredrik Lundberg held the opening session where he gave us a historical perspective of NSO and Tail-f, where we are today and where we are going. He concluded that Automation is a top priority in the industry, 5G is happening and NSO is not only a product for the big tier one companies!


Screenshot 2019-12-12 at 09.23.28.png

 Hank Preston from the DevNet team gave a very interesting talk about how NSO is used to manage a data center hosting DevNet Sandboxes. The Data Center actually went live the week after and from his tweet we could read that services are running inside the equipment, and everything looks fine.





The venue was set up for connecting and sharing the experience with industry peers, partners and the NSO team.  Round tables allowed people to mingle and open up discussions. During lunches, we organized themed tables, hosted by our experts to focus on hot topics like Nano Services, Performance and Troubleshooting, Network Automation Delivery Model and more.

Screenshot 2019-12-13 at 13.49.48.png

This year we focused on technical presentations, demos and hands-on labs. The main objective of the conference is to enhance our knowledge of network automation. Diving into running code to show details is inevitable although it can be exhaustive. During the longer breaks, we provided 7 demo stations where Cisco TME’s and Cisco CX showcased a variety of NSO use cases. Our technology partners Itential and Netrounds, as well as the Cisco CrossWorks platform, were on display. The concluding panel session on the first day discussed network automation trends in general and plans for NSO. The audience got the opportunity to ask all the tough questions to the panel including Nils Petter Tisell (NSO product manager), Hank Preston (Principal Engineer, Cisco DevNet), Kristian Larsson (Architect), Sebastian Strollo (Principal Engineer, NSO), Chris Wade (CTO Itential)

Screenshot 2019-12-13 at 13.51.20.png  

Day two allowed the participants to go deeper into the details of performance and troubleshooting and test their abilities practically on how to write Nano Services or run NSO in and on Kubernetes. As we all know and experience from our everyday automation work - getting the right sponsorship, attracting the relevant competencies and getting a productive culture is difficult but not impossible. Being able to share challenges and opportunities among industry peers has shown to be an appreciated and efficient way to learn and get back home with new ideas and methods. This together with Cisco’s experience from numerous successful customer cases and our Network Delivery Automation Model we feel confident in adding more value in the area of “how” to implement network automation powered by NSO into your organizations.

The overall appreciation for the event was evident when we did the closing survey. It was great to see that all the effort we put into planning and execution was well spent time.


Screenshot 2019-12-13 at 11.08.24.png


All presentations are now uploaded to NSO Developer Hub. Go to and search for “NSO Developer Days US 2019”


DAY 1: Wednesday, Dec. 4

8:30 AM   Welcome and Introduction
Nicklas Wagerth, NSO Community Lead

8:45 AM   NSO State of the Union
Fredrik Lundberg, Dir. Strategy & Planning, NSO 

9:15 AM   Workflow vs NSO Service vs Nano Service
Viktor Leijon, Technical Leader, NSO

10:30 AM   A Breakneck Journey into Network Service-Based Automation in DevNet Sandbox
Hank Preston, Principal Engineer, Cisco DevNet

11:15 AM Network Automation Delivery Model
Fredrik Swahn, NSO Customer Success Advocate

1:00 PM   NSO 5.x Migration
Martin Akerstrom, NSO Solutions Architect

1:45 PM  Cisco NSO in Docker
Kristian Larsson, Solutions Architect

2:30 PM   Fastmap Templates in Cisco NSO
Michael Maddern, Technical Marketing Engineer 

3:45 PM  Brownfield Service Reconcile Operations
Dan Sullivan, Principal Architect, Sales

4:30 PM  NSO Roadmap and Future – Panel


Day 2: Thursday, Dec. 5

8:30 AM   Optimization and Trouble Shooting
Sebastian Strollo, Principal Engineer 

10:45 AM  Introduction Nano Services introduction
Try Ryeng, Technical Leader, Cisco, NSO 

1:15 – 5:00 PM Labs and Leadership Tracks @ Cisco Office

Lab 1: NANO Services
Try Ryeng, Technical Leader, Cisco, NSO

Lab 2: NSO In and On Kubernetes
John Mullooly, Distinguished Architect, Sales

Strategy and Leadership Track
Fredrik Swahn, Product Marketing Manager