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Cisco Customer Experience (CX) is presenting at NSO Developer Days 2019!!

Cisco Employee

Cisco Customer Experience (CX) is presenting at NSO Developer Days

The Cisco Customer Experience (CX) Group will be making presentations  on the following topics at NSO Developer Days, 2019: Automated NED Validation, Service Provider as an API, Automated NSO Package Testing and Delivery Process, Network Automation and Beyond Service Orchestration. You’ll also hear from Cisco customers Intelsat and Cox Communications on their Automation Journey, key customer challenges, and engagement with Cisco to drive network efficiency and ROI, supported by solution demonstrations. CX will also have demo booths for Cisco Business Process Automation (BPA) and Cisco NSO (Network Service Orchestrator) Service Packages for ZTP and OS Upgrade.

Representatives/experts from CX Automation team will be present at these sessions and multiple booths at NSO Developer Days, 2019 to answer any questions, provide tips, use case examples and best practices related to these topics.

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Following is the summary of various topics and Demo presented by CX:

Automated NED Validation:

This session will help you understand automation of the NED validation process which is usually done manually and takes from days to weeks. We’ll help you understand the impact of automation, and how to save time and resources on your projects.

Service Provider as an API:

As most industries are evolving into API-based consumption models for its resources, this presentation gives an overview of the challenges and opportunities to transform all aspects of a Service Provider into API-consumable entities.

Automate NSO Package Testing and Delivery Process with CI/CD pipeline:

The goal of this presentation is to share expert guidance and best practices around implementing a CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery) methodology for NSO and being able to deploy a complete build process that could be applied to code delivery and test automation.


We are now able to continuously retest our deliverables by providing better quality NSO services with less effort. This is positively impacting time-to-market and reduced operating expenses (OpEx) for our customers.

There are additional benefits such as:

  • Much shorter feedback loop to identify and eliminate defects
  • Faster response to change customer requirements (agile)
  • Quicker deployable, versioned release package 
  • Static analysis that ensures following good practices for the delivered code
  • Unit testing and integration testing of software packages
  • Standardization of the delivery process

The Business case of Network Automation:

How can I sell NSO automation inside my organization? And how should I plan for it? How can I evaluate the return on investment (ROI) of each use case, and how should I design the use cases so it is maximized? How should I measure success, and how can I make it clear to my stakeholders of the benefits of investing in NSO and Automation?

This presentation will guide you through these questions and help you   build the best network automation solution for your business. We’ll help you prepare, plan and seek investment for your internal automation transformation. 

Beyond Service Orchestration:

A use case-oriented exploration of the challenges beyond configuration, and their impact on service design and delivery, in a modern model driven stack.

Intelsat’s Automation Journey:

Shortly after adopting automation and Cisco NSO, Intelsat is automating its network provisioning routines for both infrastructure and customer networks. This session will be jointly delivered by an Intelsat Principal Architect and a Cisco Customer Experience Software Architect. It will focus on Intelsat’s automation journey which is accelerated through partnership with Cisco CX. Through this collaboration, they established an automation team at Intelsat that was trained on software development concepts and processes that serve as the foundation for future automation expansion.

Cox Automation Case Study:

Cox (customer) and Cisco CX will jointly present the implementation of a successful automation journey and automation solution that is in production today. Cisco’s automation solution includes Cisco NSO, Cisco BPA and Cisco SmartPhy and integration with multiple incumbent systems such as Granite Inventory and Remedy Ticketing. The solution covers over half a dozen use cases such as device and services onboarding, ZTP and OS upgrades across multi-vendor devices. The session will include a demo of the Cisco automation solutions to highlight the simplicity to automate complex MOPs and automate device and service configurations. We will also focus on the business outcomes and benefits that Cox is experiencing through implementation of these innovative automation capabilities.

CX will have a demo booth for Business Process Automation (BPA):

BPA is an automation solution that allows customers to automate network configuration changes and allows to automate the business processes surrounding this change. BPA is a scalable, microservices-based platform with an embedded workflow engine, digital user interface and common integration middleware. BPA cuts across multi-domains by integrating with controllers and is tightly integrated with NSO. This solution is in use in over dozen Cisco customers. The demo will cover key automation use cases for Customers’ Engineering and Operation teams such as OS Upgrade, Zero Touch Provisioning, Service Configuration, Config Compliance, Device Migration and Closed loop Automation. I It will also highlight the solution features to build custom use cases and integrations such as integration with ticketing and inventory systems.

NSO Automation Service Packs Demo Booth - OS Upgrade & ZTP:

With the abundance of data that flows through a network these days, automation is inevitable and is the only way to achieve scale and time-efficiency. NSO Service Packs initiative was started based on this approach almost about 18 months back. The idea is to rapidly enhance an organization’s automation capabilities and provide them an edge over their competitors within a short-window of time. Based on most customer requirements and market research, we picked the most popular and sought-after automation use cases, primarily the ones which network engineers spent their costly time on a frequent basis. We used NSO best practices and validated design to develop these automation service packs, that will help save an engineer’s time to help them focus on other key activities and provide a jump-start for automation with ready-to-deploy out of the box use-cases.  This way automation doesn’t always have to start from ground-0. These service packs provide a pre-built platform from where you can start your automation journey faster and efficiently.


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About CX:

CX is an organization and approach that puts all of Cisco behind you at every step of your technology lifecycle. We’re keeping the best of what you love about Cisco today, but mapping this into a streamlined model for engaging with you, customers, and partners. Our commitment is simple: to help you get more value from technology, faster, whether you’re focused on optimizing your current investments, or making the most audacious transformations.

CX provides expertise around Services offer development, Managed Services, Services and Solution delivery as well as Support Services (SS).

For additional details on CX, please visit: