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Happy holidays!

Cisco Employee

Before we take off for the season break, I'd like to close the first (half) year with the NSO Dev Hub by thanking you all for being here.

The NSO Dev Hub wouldn't be of any value if it wasn't for the large number of dedicated users. The exact number varies a little with vacations and holidays coming and going, but in the last six months we've always been between 500..750 unique monthly users, sharing questions, answers, code, bugs, success and concern with fellow NSO users. Whether you are a customer, partner or Cisco employee, Thank You for making this a productive and cozy place!

When we were sitting in meetings a year ago planning the NSO Dev Hub launch, we were certainly convinced that this concept would fly. Still, you can imagine the rewarding feeling looking at the below stats today ;-) Since the launch just over six months ago, we have seen

+ 350 answered questions

+ Well over 100 presentations

+ 60 movies

+ 40 blog posts

+ 20 github projects, including ntool, pioneer, and the nso-5-day-training

Special thanks to the Cisco IT team: Brandon Black, Elliot Wise, Patrick Huynh, Jason Belk, for making their 5-day NSO training material available on the Hub! That post (topmost in featured content) has been viewed more times than the second, third and fourth most viewed posts combined. Practically by as many people as have ever been on the Hub. Awesome! ;-)

Take a week, take two. Spend the time with friends and family. Then see you again in January, ready for the new season.


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You are very welcome! Special thanks to Jan, Carl, Frederik for all your patience as we have been learning NSO in our automation journey, and looking forward to an even better year in 2018!