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New example applications available (for your development pleasure)

Cisco Employee

There are some people out there that are creating their own UI applications and want to integrate them in the application family provided with the NSO. It might be that the custom application use other tools such as Device manager or Commit manager as part of a workflow.

A common request is for us to provide them with standard components from which they can pick and mix to create custom applications. We have stubbornly refused to do so.

The reason for this is that we believe that the standard frameworks out there (React, Angular etc) makes a better job of providing standard components than we could ever do. We want only the API calls to the NSO to be the common denominator between standard and custom applications.

When it comes to style and navigation however, it might be useful to provide some help and guidelines on how to make an application fit into the NSO application family. As a first step, we have created two example applications that are free for anyone to download at NSO-developer · GitHub .

The first example shows a 'Hello world' type application written in plain Javascript. It shows how an application can be integrated in the Application Hub, mimicking the header and footer of the standard applications without sharing any of their code. It also shows how to the JSON-RPC API can be used.

The second example shows a simple, use-case specific application (a POC if you will) that creates a trunk port between two switches. It also shows how the standard applications can be used in a custom application workflow.

Please note that these examples are not part of the NSO product. They are created for educational and inspirational purposes only. They are not technically supported in any way.

Happy forking! And remember that we will gladly include any contributions that we find useful.