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KJ Rossavik
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Did you ever have a look at the NSO NFVO package, for managing VNFs? It's been around for about five years, and is deployed at a lot of our customers. In the last couple of releases (4.1 and 4.2), we have been working on a GUI, so here is a brief demo:

Here we look at import of VNFDs and NSDs, visualization of them, and also at how to monitor progress of NS/VNF deployment. We also show the NSD editor.


At the moment we are working on a GUI for the resource orchestration feature of NFVO, which enables you to place VNFs and Network Services based on resource requirements (CPU, memory, disk) as well as affinity/anti-affinity and filtering criteria. The Resource Orchestrator lets you say things like: "place my Network Service on the east coast, in a DC that has sufficient resource for the whole NS, but make sure that these two VNFs are co-resided on one host, and this third one is on a separate host, for redundancy"

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