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NSO ATP Retirement

Today I uploaded a pdf version of our final NSO ATP (Authorized Technology Provider) partner slides, showing 64 partners worldwide that achieved the NSO ATP.  With the retirement of the NSO ATP at fiscal-year-end I’d like to thank our ATP partners for all their efforts to make NSO the orchestration platform of choice for our customers. Launched in October 2015, the NSO ATP provided these partners both access to training and to NSO for resale.


With the ATP retirement we are expanding NSO access to all partners, both the partners that resell products and services directly from Cisco and those that resell through a distributor.  All partners will now be able to sell NSO and customers can engage through their partner of choice.  I’ll maintain the partner listing as a reference for account teams and customers looking for NSO-trained partners, and for other partners looking to team up with them. All NSO badges will remain in Partner Locator until the partner’s next anniversary date. We have launched a new NSO pilot track in Cisco’s Integrator Program and I will be providing an update as it's developed over the coming quarters.