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Official Cisco NSO trainings

Cisco Employee

Cisco offer three NSO training: NSO201, NS300 & NSO200

NSO201 is a mandatory training and a prerequisite to NSO300 & NSO200



For Open enrollment please use the below link


Closed dedicated training please contact

Cisco Employee

Hi Nicklas,


May I know, what is the different between NSO 100 and NSO 201?

I noticed some pdf, earlier cisco provided NSO 100 training and now it is not available.


Thank you

Cisco Employee


Sorry for the delay but I had to do some research and go back to the training team to answer your question. Hope this help


Here is what I got:

NSO201 was created as a replacement for NSO100 which was EoLed in May 2018. The NSO100 course datasheet has been removed. A detailed summary of the changes is provided below.


Main changes between NSO100 (now EoL) and NSO201:

·         Module 1 is completely restructured for easier introduction into the course. High-level explanation about the NETCONF and

YANG is added to describe the basic concepts of NETCONF and YANG at the beginning.


·         Additional lesson Resources and Training is added at the end of Module 1 to include additional resources and training options for students.


·         Lab topology is extended with one Cisco NX-OS and one Cisco IOS switch to support additional use cases.


·         In Module 2: Model to Model mapping lesson is rewritten using the VLAN service. Lesson describes how Template processing logic creates device-specific configurations from an XML template, how Mapping logic correlates with Template processing. The explanation is based on the VLAN example from the FASTMAP topic


·         Additional lab on how to create a simple Loopback template service.


·         Additional lab on how to create a VLAN template service.


·         Module 4 now includes the NSO Programmability Introduction lesson. Lesson describes which language bindings can be used and how to extend the default mapping logic. It explains how service processing with Python works. New example added of Python and template based service. VLAN SVI service used.


·         Additional lab on how to create an L3VPN template service


·         Additional lab on how to create an SVI python-template service using Python mapping logic.


·         New Module 5 added.


·         New lesson Scalability and Performance. It describes HA Cluster communication, Layered Service Architecture and how to address performance limitations


·         New lesson Components and Function Packs. It describes common concepts and built-in components. It explains how Function Packs extend NSO functionality and how to do NFV Orchestration with NSO.


·         Additional lab on how to use NSO REST API with Postman. It shows how to retrieve data of an existing device, create a new device and delete a device. It shows how to retrieve data of an existing service, create a new service, delete a service and issue commit dry-run query using NSO REST API.

Cisco Employee