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Reconciliation IV: Rise of the Robots - The Trailer

Cisco Employee
In the NSO universe there a number of heroes and just a few villains.  The clear uber-hero is FastMap, the one algorithm to diff them all.     Other demi-heroes include Yang, Nanoservices, and Netsim.  Most villains are vanquished quickly, just a release note in the next release, but one troublemaker comes back again and again, and it goes by the name of Out-of-Sync.
Out-of-Sync has always been with us, but it really found its power half way through the last decade as NSO became deeply embedded in production networks and engineers who ‘had to get the job done’ sparred with the OSS as the source of truth.   Reconciliation was born in the midst of these trying times, but it was young and didn’t know its power.   Some said it couldn’t beat Out-of-Sync, or it needed too much help from Code, which was unreliable and needed too much testing.   Out-of-Sync may have won that round, but Reconciliation had promise and through sheer will and necessity, Reconciliation survived and would be back - better, stronger, and faster. 
In the 2018 and 2019 sequels, Reconciliation found Reverse Mapping and together battled Out-of-Sync with less dependence on Code and found a natural ability to integrate into NSO services.   There was great rejoicing as Reconciliation and Reverse Mapping spread around the world, pushing Out-of-Sync into the edges of the networks where NSO had not penetrated.  But Out-of-Sync was not defeated.  It waited patiently to open a second battle front and this time its target would be the OSS and the configuration sent to NSO.
We are now at the fourth installment in the trilogy: Rise of the Robots.    In this installment Reconciliation and Reverse Mapping, in an alliance formed with a team of automatons known as GitLab, Jenkins, Compliance and the Robot Framework - pledge to combat Out-of-Sync wherever it arises.   With powers forged from Python, they continuously deploy Robots to validate their Compliance scanners and battle with Out-of-Sync as it tries to gain a foothold in the far reaches of the network.   
Tune in on June 23 for a Live Track Session at NSO Developer Days to hear how Reconciliation and this diverse team of robots join forces to fight Out-of-Sync and the uncertainty that it brings.  
Scott Barvick
CTO, North America
Data Ductus