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Welcome to the NSO Digital Ecosystem

Rising star

Welcome to the NSO Digital Ecosystem and to the NSO Developer Hub which is part of it,

Our strategy is to create an NSO Digital Ecosystem for the entire NSO product suite (and related products) consisting of two virtual places; DevNet which is external (targeting all Cisco employees, partners and customers) as well as NSO Field Portal which is Cisco internal (confidential). The main purpose of the NSO Digital Ecosystem is to further improve NSO value by helping practitioners to deliver NSO experiences and inviting customers to the opportunities of NSO. After a lot of work from people across the entire global NSO community we now have the great pleasure to announce that the external virtual place is live.

It is the place to share, find and collaborate around all of our public NSO knowledge. It is a refresh of the previous NSO DevNet site and has been greatly enhanced to support code, provide better online trainings and a much more open community. We have also added a lot of material based on a knowledge gap analysis.

It consists of four key parts:

  • Introductionary content (DevNet content page)
  • Training material (Learning Labs)
  • Code sharing area (GitHub)
  • Community to share and find content, get the latest news as well as and receive answers to questions (Jive)

We hope you will use the NSO Digital Ecosystem to help secure greater success for your project, learn more about how to develop NSO and help others so that we together can make everything around NSO even better.

Finally, if you want to know more about how specifically the NSO Developer Hub works, please click here


Very exciting!

Cisco Employee

It looks great!