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Hi,What is the correct way of discovering/storing device model parameter? For mpls l3vpn i have 8 different CPE-s from cisco IOS software familiy. Almost all those CPE-s have different uplink configuration. Do I understand correctly that there is no ...

Is there any why to check my action is running before triggering kicker I am having an action which fetch some data from device which is triggered my kicker - assume as thread 1.In the meanwhile if my kicker is changed before completion of thread 1, ...

Hi,Live status tab for version, interfaces and switches are populated in UI , once clicked. Is there a way to auto-populate this data every day?I tried using this data from Python API , but i got nothing.c=root.devices.device['lab-sw1'] In [7]: ncs.m...

pranayk2 by Cisco Employee
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HiI have New to NSO and Started Playing around with the Application. I have Tried to  configure a Simple QOS template for IOS XR and XE devices. Below is my config. It works perfect for IOS XR devices, but for XE devices I am getting the following er...

lallaa108 by Level 1
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I have the following yang model:    leaf device {      tailf:info "Name of the Device to configure";       type leafref {       path "/ncs:devices/ncs:device/ncs:name";      }    }    leaf test {      type leafref {      path "deref(../device)/../ncs...