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I have a query. We have a callpoint on yang leaf which has a validation callpoint which is being moved for upgrade scenario . How does one migrate the call point on package reload . As the old data is getting validated at phase 0 , the code  errors o...

spudukko by Cisco Employee
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Hello,I am trying to figure out how to copy/rename device from cli.CLI syntax of both command are pretty much straight forward, butI am encountering commit error.nso_user_guide provides no information on how this command should becommitted.## copying...

tnomura by Cisco Employee
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I am trying to automate the NSO build upgrade procedure for local-install mode.I referred the NSO installation and admin guide and have gone through the NCT commands. I have learnt that NCT commands are mainly used for system-install.After referring ...

kbarve by Cisco Employee
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How to replace(override) old value(s) in a leaf-list with new value(s) during every update?  Tried below,  leaf-list <leaf-name>{                        ----                    tailf:cli-replace-all;   ------}  But this is working only with cli, but ...

suinduku by Cisco Employee
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Hi,I am looking SNMP NEDs.My Scenario is, I have to read/get the data from the device using mib oid's.Can some one please help to check above scenerio.Also, I am looking rest api request to get the device information using mib id'sThanks,Suresh Konni...

skonni by Cisco Employee
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We are developing a service model which generates a very large NETCONF request to the network element.  Currently the commit timesout before the network element has finished processing the request, and therefore has not sent the NETCONF reply.  This ...

martmitc by Cisco Employee
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