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We are looking for API’s to talk to NSO collector in CLI format. We tried the available API’s but output is in XML format. For example, when we make a NSO REST API call to get the configuration of a device managed by NSO using the URL below the respo...

vikhegde by Cisco Employee
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Hi,I'm trying to build L2VPN service in which we need to allow a range of vlans in the customer side. The configuration is as follow:    device {        name ME0        data interface GigabitEthernet0/2              no switchport              service...

Hi teamWe are working on an NSO DNS service for a customer to provision DNS host record (mapping hostname to IP address) using NSO. The service is expected to:a. Query a DHCP server for a subnet range (e.g. REST API like below;GET  https...

eubebe by Cisco Employee
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We need to manage IP resource pools for a DHCP service using NSO. Please can anyone with experience using NSO to manage an IP resource pool, please share codes used for this ?Python codes will be great, but we can also look codes written in other lan...

eubebe by Cisco Employee
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Given 16 routers, 8 that have large configurations.First sync-from to a new CDB - went fine - no failures.After that a 'request devices sync-from' failed consistently with 'time-outs'.Running each device individually seemed to fix this issue.Is there...