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According to the information on the NSO main page, in NSO 5, there will be the ability to create our own NEDs?  Is this something being released soon?  I see NSO 4.7 is still the only thing downloadable.  Or does this feature exist in NSO 4 just not ...

crench92 by Beginner
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Hello,   I have a question about device yang models, please. i come accross this scenario through docs available and/or examples but i cannot find again.   When do we need to include device yang models, in the service yang model. what functionality w...

erdemk by Beginner
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Hi,   in an upcoming PoC with a customer they are currently already using DNA center. I do not know much about the capabilities of DNA center but by the looks of it there is an overlap in functionality (at least there seems to be some sort of support...

I have been tasked with updating an action (python) I didn't design.  This action has no call to "transaction.apply".  I have proof that it is working and actually applying the changes made, but it never appears to actually make the commit itself and...

Hi  experts,   I found more and more NSO logs have used a lot of disk space. Could we control it by some initial configuration ? Is there any way to handle it ?   Following are partial of them. root root 417 Feb 13 02:01 rollback11766root root 946 Fe...

qiyi by Cisco Employee
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We want to call an action with parameters by Python in an NSO action, There is an maapi.requestAction(parms,"url") in Java, like : maapi.requestAction(params, "/ncs:devices/ncs:partial-sync-from")Do we have an similarity method in Python? It's would ...

yongz2 by Cisco Employee
  • 3 replies
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