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Could not load private-jar in ned citrix-netscaler

Chris Wang
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

currently we are using citrix-netscaler 3.0.23 to managed netscaler devices, but meet below exception: Error creating stream factory: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:


We try to extrat the private-jar and put the jars into shared-jar folder, it works.


Can anyone help why the private-jar is not loaded?


Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee



your solution is within a later version of citrix ned:


Version: 3.0.29
citrix-netscaler v3.0.29


  - Added 'systemglobal_authenticationlocalpolicy_binding *' configuration
    detailed bellow.
     (CITNET-28 / PS-29590 / RT34527)

  - Enhanced the Yang model with the configuration described bellow.
     (CITNET-29 / PS-29611 / RT34548)

YANG model changes since 3.0.28:

  New nodes:

  Changed nodes:

A similar issue was found in our internal database and it states 3.0.29 resolved this issue.


Where can I see the NSO and ned's release notes? As you see, all the fixes we're not aware.

Hi Chris,

My bad. The specific NED that fixes it is:

Version: 3.0.28


citrix-netscaler v3.0.28


- Updated the LICENSE file and removed the private-jar/commons-codec.jar lib.
- Replaced with json-20171018.jar.
- Expanded the Yang file with the configuration as below.

(CITNET-17 / RT33629)

I tried version citrix-netscaler 3.0.28, another issue occurred.


ncsadmin@ncs# devices device NS-LAB connect
result false
info Failed to connect to device NS-LAB: connection refused: INSTANCE


And I checked the log, it shows the ssl connect have error, seems the http ssl lib could not be loaded.


<ERROR> 05-Mar-2019::05:15:03.616 NedWorker Ned-Worker-Thread-0: - Error in connect
java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: INSTANCE
at org.apache.http.conn.ssl.SSLConnectionSocketFactory.<clinit>(
at com.tailf.packages.ned.citrixnetscaler.RESTConnection.doConnect(
at com.tailf.packages.ned.citrixnetscaler.RESTConnection.<init>(
at com.tailf.packages.ned.citrixnetscaler.CitrixNetscalerNedGeneric.<init>(
at com.tailf.packages.ned.citrixnetscaler.CitrixNetscalerNedGeneric.newConnection(
at com.tailf.ned.NedWorker.dorun(
<INFO> 05-Mar-2019::05:15:03.616 NedWorker Ned-Worker-Thread-0: - Sending={ned_error,ned_connect,econnrefused,#Bin<<INSTANCE>>}

I assume you recompiled the new ned via make clean all and then reloaded the packages and tried to connect/sync-from to the device, right?

Can you connect to any other citrix devices? This may be a NED issue, but i'd suggest trying the latest citrix NED first to verify if it is reproduced or have been fixed.

I checked our database for that exact error, there was 2 instances of a similar error which both resulted in BU escalation.

1st one: Ned enhanced for jar versions/files
2nd one: incompatible/deprecated device attempted to be connected. (that's why i asked to see if the issue occurs with all citrix devices).

I believe this may require escalation, but first test out the latest ned. See if this issue is reproduced on netsim as a simple test so that we (TAC) can reproduce it locally if possible since we do not have a citrix device at hand.

none of the netscaler devices could be manged due to the issue. And I tried 4.2 and 3.0.28 as well as 3.0.29, the same issue.
Other neds like cisco-ios... could work well.

We find out an work round to managed the netscaler devices, but need to do more test. we move the "staxon-1.3.jar" in folder private-jar to NSO's java/jar folder. And the citrix-netscaler version is :3.0.23

For this issue, I'd recommend requesting a NED enhancement. Providing all the data you observed and the workaround that worked. I imagine this may be a fix that'll be required in the future since you may need an NED update and would require to manually workaround your issue.

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