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ESC: Correct Info not retrieved using ETSI REST APIs


Hi ESC Team

I have a setup with NSO(NFVO Bundle) -> ESC-> Openstack VIM

I have deployed VNF on VIM using VNFD,VNF-Info  from NSO Prime UI.

Now trying to use ETSI REST Calls to retrieve the details. HTTP/HTTPS request is responded with 200OK but the response is not having correct/right information.

I have checked in /var/log/esc/etsi-vnfm.log file. It shows "0" VNFs found for required query. But actually VM is there when checked from ESC UI. Also for any other ETSI REST calls too (like :, it shows 200 OK response. but without required details.

Pls see below:

2018-11-23 08:59:53.608 [http-nio-] INFO etsi_rest_event - SessionID:'84EB50CF8A6E36BC43147558852774F0' LocalAddr:'' LocalPort:'8250' RemoteAddr:'' RemotePort:'63567' RemoteUser:'admin' UserPrincipal:'admin' Scheme:'http' Method:'GET' RequestURI:'/vnflcm/v1/vnf_instances' Parameters:'[]'
2018-11-23 08:59:53.626 [http-nio-] INFO etsi_rest_event - IN GET VNF Instances [requestParameters: {}]
2018-11-23 08:59:53.629 [http-nio-] DEBUG etsi_rest_detailed_event - IN GET REQUEST VNF Instances [requestParameters: {}]
2018-11-23 08:59:53.630 [http-nio-] INFO c.c.e.e.s.v.VnfInstancesServiceImpl - Query VNF instances - started
2018-11-23 08:59:53.686 [http-nio-] INFO c.c.e.e.s.v.VnfInstancesServiceImpl - Query VNF instances (found 0 matching VNF instances) - finished
2018-11-23 08:59:53.754 [http-nio-] DEBUG etsi_rest_detailed_event - IN GET RESPONSE VNF Instances [requestParameters: {}]
2018-11-23 08:59:53.804 [http-nio-] INFO etsi_rest_event - SessionID:'84EB50CF8A6E36BC43147558852774F0' Status: '200'

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Or you can integrate NSO NFVO with ESC using NETCONF/YANG, which is available today.

Is it possible to use ESC with SOL 003 and when ESC interacts with NSO-NFVO over NETCONF and responds back to OSS over SOL 03 interface?



If this is possible. Pls guide me to change config in ESC for this.


As of now If I am sending ETSI SOL 3 messages to ESC, ESC is using SOL 005 messages by default to interact with NSO.




Using both ETSI API and NETCONF API on the same ESC instance is not supported, you are meant to use one or the other. The reason is that different subsystems within ESC can get out of sync if both were used.


ESC does not use SOL005, only SOL003.


OSS does not interact with VNFM in the ETSI MANO architecture.


As KJ suggested, best option at this time is to use the NSO-ESC NETCONF integration.


Sorry by bad,  Pls read NFVO in place of OSS.

And that for clarifications. Let me see. How i can make use of it till ETSI support is in place for both.


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