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Cisco Employee

External error in the NED implementation for device Read timed out

I am trying to delete a file from IOS device through REST northbound API in NSO. I am using live status API to send the request (live-status/ios-stats:exec/_operations/any)

I am sending below request in the body of REST API
<input><args>delete flash:2:c2600-is-mz.123-6a | noprompts</args></input>

I am getting following error response from NSO.

<errors xmlns="">
        <error-message>External error in the NED implementation for device Read timed out</error-message>

Please let me know if I need to configure anything in the NED.

Cisco Employee

Is your device name?  Do other basic REST commands work before trying for a more complex one?

Thanks Scott for your response.

yes is our IOS device. With live status API I am able to get show version, show running-config output. But for copy I am getting this error.

Also I am looking for copying files from ftp/tftp server to device. will this same API address this requirement.

Hey Santosh,

This is a message that appears when NSO doesn't / cant hear anything back from the device beyond the timeout. Do you know how long the command you are sending should take to run on the device? I have seen this error before when devices hit TCAM or CPU utilization issues and take to long to process information or even when it fails to implement the command we are sending down. So may be of value to make sure the device can process the command properly.

But to answer the question

By default read-timeout is set to 20 seconds and can be modified inside the global-settings container.



Global settings changes the global default. The global default can be overridden for devices individually, e.g.

devices device name read-timeout 60



Then retry your operation.

Hi Brandon,

I am facing this issue where we need to provide a prompt for a cli command. This is delete command, it will not taking significant time to execute. I have execute the same in device and it is executing very fast.

When I am appending the cli command with “noprompts”, I am getting this time out error. I have increase the read-timeout for the device still I am getting the same error. I tried appending the cli with “prompts ENTER” it is working. My problem is, incase of multiple prompt I am trying with “noprompts” and I am getting timeout error.

Thanks & Regards

Santosh Panda