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how to manage device upgrades which has impact on CLI



I have a question please ... this is from customer presentation..


When we want to upgrade the devices in the network, and when this device upgrade has an impact on the CLI structure, how can this be managed on NSO ? And what are the limitations if there is any ?


ie. what actions are required on NSO , in order to manage Device CLI changes for existing service instances. May be required actions are depending on the effect of device CLI changes on Yang model and/or Templates.


I think transition period during device upgrades shall also be taken into account, where half of the network is upgraded and hence, any new service instance shall be created according to the device CLI status on both end of the network during transition period.


Many thanks in advance.

Cisco Employee

If I'm not mistaken, the eventual release of NSO 5.X may address that concern. It will allow for multiple yang models to exist per NED so that it will be able to support devices that vary in CLI structure/OS.


Some NEDs have particular ned-settings (See README within NED package) which allow for adjusting of particular CLI commands to allow for NSO to parse the information better.


If the upgrade truly affects the NSO/NED instance, you'd simply create a TAC case which will raise an issue with the NSO BU to adjust the yang modeling/setting of the NED.

Thank you very much for your reply..


I checked the Common Data Model video from NSO Developer Days.. as far as i understand CDM brings a firm methodology to manage different Device Yang versions.  ( just as a note : as far as i understand  it will be handled like : add new Device Yang models.. then add/change required parts in the template and furnish with <?ned-id ws:ws1?> as appropriate and re-deploy services )


What i didn't understand is , if this is only applicable to netconf devices, or also for CLI devices ?




Cisco Employee

In general, if the customer upgrades a device under management by NSO and they are using a CLI device. If the customer wants to use newly added commands, they would need a NED upgrade.


Hello Dan, 


Thank you very much for your reply..


May i ask.. how is the transition period handled, i mean during the upgrades. Is it straight-forward or we need to do some manual work, if this is known to you ?


( as a note : as far as i can imagine, as upgrade will do its job and change the device config, all we need to do is to align the config on NSO. May the process be like, 1- add new NED 2- generate new template with new NED variant. 3- change NED-id of the upgraded device 4- re-deploy service instance. May be there are some limitations depending on the complexity of the service..)