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info illegal reference ... BGP IPV4 config protocol - CSR1000V via netconf




I have a Cisco CSR1000V version 16.7.2 as a device in my NSO. I've built a netconf package for it with the pioneer package. The connection is working and with an empty config on the router, the sync-from also works.

But if I have a BGP config on that router like the following, an error appears. 


CSR1000V Config:

csr1000v-nso#sh run | s router bgp

router bgp 65500

bgp log-neighbor-changes


address-family ipv4

 neighbor ...



NSO Sync:

admin@ncs# devices device csr1000v sync-from

result false

info illegal reference devices device csr1000v config network-instances network-instance default tables table BGP IPV4 config protocol


If my interpretation of the error message is correct, that means that the config on the device does not match with the Yang model I downloaded from the router. Is that correct?


Any advice how to solve that issue?

Cisco Employee



You are most probably right. Typically, there is a "must"/"when" expression that is not valid with the current configuration.


You could edit the YANG model and re-compile the NETCONF NED file. Alternative, the XE team has been pushing into a GIT repository "bug fixing" versions of these YANG models that you can download here: . These modules may have fixed your problem but if not, please issue a TAC ticket for the XE team to take a look of them.



Thank you for the quick answer.

I just made another test with IOS version 16.9.1 and there it works. Seems to be an issue in the 16.7 train.

Jan Lindblad
Cisco Employee

The XE team has put in a good effort to get the OpenConfig YANG into usable shape, but apparently something is not working correctly in the translation from native to OC config. I'd suggest that you file a bug report on the CSR. Be sure to include the exact native config when you do, and the sync-from command with the error message you showed here.


I think I'm running into a similar issue.  I'm trying a sync-from from an ASR 920 running 16.12.1 and get the following error attached.  Any idea how I can explore what part of the config or YANG model is causing this?  I created the NED by pulling the YANG models directly off this device, which is the reference device for the NED.

I resolved this by removing all openconfig models when creating the NED as this was an issue with openconfig-system.yang and/or openconfig-alarms.yang