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ncs.maagic.MaagicError: Missing key argument in create

Tomoya Watanabe


We are evaluating NSO version UP from 4.7.1 to

An Action point worked in 4.7.1 is not working after upgrade to as below:



<INFO> 13-Sep-2023::15:42:08.570 foo ncs-dp-385541-foo:main:0-4-usid-216-foo-show-alarms: - Action called (service=/foo:action)
<INFO> 13-Sep-2023::15:42:08.570 foo ncs-dp-385541-foo:main:0-4-usid-216-foo-show-alarms: - Action name: show-alarms
<INFO> 13-Sep-2023::15:42:08.570 foo ncs-dp-385541-foo:main:0-4-usid-216-foo-show-alarms: - Action input.device: bar
<ERROR> 13-Sep-2023::15:42:09.863 foo ncs-dp-385541-foo:main:0-4-usid-216-foo-show-alarms: - Missing key argument in create
<ERROR> 13-Sep-2023::15:42:09.865 foo ncs-dp-385541-foo:main:0-4-usid-216-foo-show-alarms: - Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/opt/ncs/ncs-", line 665, in wrapper
   ret = fn(self, uinfo, str(name), kp, input, output, act_trans)
  File "/opt/ncs/ncs-", line 626, in fn2
    return ofn(self, uinfo, name, kp, input, output)
  File "/var/opt/ncs/state/packages-in-use/1/foo/python/foo/", line 30, in cb_action
    alarms_device.validate(output, self.log)
  File "/var/opt/ncs/state/packages-in-use/1/foo/python/foo/", line 52, in validate
    if not alarm.validate(maagic_node.alarms.create()):
  File "/opt/ncs/ncs-", line 1236, in create
    raise MaagicError("Missing key argument in create")
ncs.maagic.MaagicError: Missing key argument in create



It looks like related to ENG-18102

Using Maagic to create a keyed list entry in an input or output section of an action now need the key(s) to be specified in the create() call. [ENG-18102/python-api non-backwards compatible correction]

However, we have no idea whether this error came from this ENG and how we can fix it.

Does anyone hove information?

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You are calling create function with no arg , you need to pass an arg otherwise it won't work.

Here  an example 

----> 1 root.devices.device.create()

File ~/ncs-5.8.10/src/ncs/pyapi/ncs/, in List.create(self, *keys)
   1293     keys = maapi.Key(len(self))
   1294 elif len(keys) == 0:
-> 1295     raise MaagicError("Missing key argument in create")
   1296 elif len(keys) == 1:
   1297     keys = maapi.Key(keys[0])

MaagicError: Missing key argument in create

In [14]: root.devices.device.create("test")
Out[14]: ListElement name=device tag=617911018 keys={test}

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Is "maagic_node.alarms" representing a list node(with key) in the model? If so, ENG-18102 introduced a non-backwards-compatible change from 5.1 which prohibits list(with key) creation without a key, and the fix is either passing a key to create() call or changing the model to use a keyless list.

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