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NSO/NFVO/ESC: Troubleshooting Day0



For spawning a VNF, we updated the nfvo vnf-info configuration with the day0 destination path and also defined variables to inject within the day0 file. But, though the VNF is spawned successfully and active, we are unable to login to the VNF due to SSH authentication issue ( We had double checked the creds ) 


We would like to know if there is a way to debug the values injected into the day0 file also troubleshoot the day0 configuration that is pushed to OpenStack


It would be a great help if you can share us some documentation related to NFVO and ESC that has detail info about publishing and troubleshooting day0.


Thanks in advance !!


Best Regards


Cisco Employee

Can you provide us the error output and when you attempt to ssh, utilize the verbose option -v.

Cisco Employee

One way to see it is from the ESC side. If you are able to access the ESC, you can utilize the Export XML from the Deployments of the ESC and see what the ESC exactly gets.


i have similar problem that the Day0 config not applied to the VNF, even it is deployed on NFVIS successfully but keeps booting because of monitoring rules, then goes to error state.


i have checked the esc-manager logs on NFVIS and found that the deployment xml is generated successfully with the Day0 config. but when i check the VNF no config is sent.


any idea what may be the problem ?


Thanks in advance !  

Cisco Employee

@Islam_Hassanin and @equinix

Can you please provide the following details:


  1. branch-infra plan state.
    a. Command to use on nso to view the branch-infra plan
    show branch-infra:branch-infra-status branch-cpe <branch-cpe-name> plan component state | tab
  2.  Payload for creating the vBranch service
  3. Catalog details.
    a. Command to use on nso to view the catalog details
    show catalog <catalog>
  4. NSO logs. Please run tech support script and share the resultant archive file. can be found under unzip directory of vbranch tar file.


Another thing to check is if the day0 config is accessible from nfvis and config is present.

Command to view the day0 details for deployment:
show catalog <catalog> deployment <deployment> day0-url


For checking if day0 is accessible from nfvis, you need to ssh to nfvis and can use ping to check if server on which day0 is hosted is accessible and config is available on hosted server.


You probably don’t want to post all that to a public forum, so the best way forward is probably to raise a TAC case.