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Possibility to delay transactions to certain devices in a service

I have created a "parent" service who will fire up multi "child" services to various devices.

4x the vlan service towards switch1/2/3/4. Setup interfaces on router 1/2/3/4/5/6/7, vrf's BGP etc.


It also configures an IPSEC service on two IOS routers who are configured with HSRP, they are in HA mode.

Meaning when HSRP is configured, and the link between the two is up. The master and slave see each other, everything is good. But when you deactivate the L2 link between the two. HSRP will be in an active state on both sides, because the slave thinks, the HSRP master is down, I need to be active.

Next, when you enable the L2 link, the slave sees the master and because of all IPSEC tunnels it will reboot, because of the HA setup.


Now, NSO is also configuring the L2 links between the two IPSEC routers in the parent service, but this is a VPLS link, configured on slow devices.


What is happening now is that NSO will launch the parent service. All +16 devices will be configured by NSO. But the IPSEC routers are faster, and will be converged before the routers responsible for the L2 connectivity. 

The result is that when the VPLS is formed, and the already configured HSRP neighbors see each other the standby IPSEC will reboot itself.

I want to fix this issue by tweaking the parent service, but I prefer inside NSO itself (maybe device config or NED settings).

Is there a way to delay configurations/transactions towards certain devices in this use case?



Cisco Employee

Re: Possibility to delay transactions to certain devices in a service


The best way to do what you need is to partition your service in two transactions via reactive fastmap. If you are not familiar with reactive fastmap, there are plenty of references in this forum or in the documentation. Such as here: