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Cisco Employee

Redirect to original url after nso web-ui login

We have an internal ui application as a package in NSO. We have made changes to ncs.conf to redirect to our application home page after webui login, using <webui-index-url>/our-app/home</webui-index-url>

This works fine and redirects to proper page, but now we also want the user to be able to jump to any specific url in our application by typing the URL in browser. This would work fine if user is logged in but if the user is not logged in then she is directed to login.html and after login it goes to our app home page.

How can we make sure that user is redirected to the original URL she typed in browser and not to our app home page after login?

For example user tried to access http://nsoip:8080/our-app/some/custom/page , but user is not logged in. Then user will be redirected to http://nsoip:8080/login.html Now after login, user should be redirected to http://nsoip:8080/our-app/some/custom/page instead of http://nsoip:8080/our-app/home