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Jan Lindblad
Cisco Employee

September poll: Most wanted NSO features

I thought I'd try out the power of the community and ask you all to name your most wanted NSO feature. You have one week to complete your submission.

Once we have collected a set of cool ideas, I'll take out some of them for a second round of voting. There's your opportunity to influence what NSO will be ;-) Don't miss it!

Each feature idea

- is submitted by leaving a comment to this post

- shall have a short slogan, max 6 words

- shall have a brief explanation, max 2 sentences

Further elaboration of your use case is a question for later.

Hiro Takahashi
Cisco Employee

Slogan: Selective Rollback via REST

Explanation: Currently, NSO does not support selective rollback. To maintain a feature compatibility between the APIs (CLI, NETCONF and REST), it would be great if NSO could support selective rollback via REST as well.


Slogan: Workflow builder

Explanation: Create workflows with visual widgets.  Each widget performs specific functions and is configurable.

Slogan/Name: Device importing tool

Description: An NSO Native tool for uploading devices in bulk, preferably via csv and/or API. Takes name, ip, device_type, and NED. Tool adds, fetchs ssh & syncs the devices.


While this is pretty easy to do on your own, I always found it interesting that NSO cant do this for me. As result I have seen MANY variation of this functionality all with differing degrees of quality It would also make New Customer ramp-up easier as a new customer wouldn't have to learn NSO APIs to add all their devices and get started.

Hiro Takahashi
Cisco Employee

Slogan: GUI to create a new service model

Explanation: Some customers want GUI to build a service model.