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Time bound activities in NSO (smart licensing)

kiran kotari
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Experts,

When we have time bound activities like smart license, when it come to NSO what would be best approach to check/validate the license status. In the NSO I heard about subscribers, kickers and nano services which one would be the best practice/approach for the "smart licensing". Can you give an example for nano services as well.

Else I need use time bound loop or infinite with sleep to check smart licensing. Assuming you have better way than this.


Kiran Kumar


KJ Rossavik
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

I assume you are referring to the smart licensing status of the network device? Can you give an example of the command you would issue on the device in order to check the license status?

Yes and it's enabled in the device. So I need not to give pak file anymore I just enter the idtoken which verify with cisco and gives an update to the device. I generally using the following command to issue and check the status.

encs-host1# license smart register idtoken xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

encs-host1# show license status

Smart Licensing is ENABLED


    Status: XXXXX


License Authorization:

     Status: XXXXX



Ok, now we have concluded that you are talking to an ENCS device, which has native NETCONF/YANG support, which I would assume includes the operational/status data like this. Now perhaps the NSO experts (i.e. the real experts ☺ ) can chime in on your question – how can an NSO application detect changes to a status value?

You can potentially write an Action to issue these commands towards a list of devices. Then use the NSO scheduler to call it periodically.

Not sure how well it will scale though.

admin@ncs(config)# scheduler

Possible completions:

  suspend  Suspend all tasks in the scheduler.

  task      Examples: Run sync-from on all devices 2 AM on the 1st every month: name: sync schedule: 0 2 1

            * * action-name: sync-from action-node: /devices Purge the completed queue-item list 4:30 AM

            every Sunday: name: purge schedule: 30 4 * * 0 action-name: purge action-node:


admin@ncs(config)# scheduler

Does the show license status data stores in CDB when I do sync-from ? If yes, can you please list the show commands stored in CDB.

I was in a impression it saves only running configuration.

And the scheduler is not the way i am looking for, any other way?

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