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NSO 4.4.2 Release Announcement


NSO 4.4.2 is now available.

Customers can download the new version from Download Software - Cisco Systems. The release is available from DevNet if you are an NSO ATP partner.

Customers are recommended to upgrade to the latest NSO release at least annually, in order to take advantage of the latest features, and to remain on a supported version, as well as benefiting from the latest security updates.

The End-of-Life (EOL) policy is available at Cisco NSO EOL notifications are at

Note in particular that NSO 4.0 will reach the End-of-Maintenance milestone on 20 June.

The headline feature in NSO 4.4.2 is the ability to do partial sync-from. This is extremely useful in situations where there are multiple management systems and/or manual configuration going on. This enables NSO to synchronise only that subset of configuration that is touching, and this can speed up operations considerably.

Further product enhancements include (complete release note comes with the product):

   -ncs: Added the CONFIG_OPER_ONLY flag for Maapi.saveConfig(), to save

     only operational data and ancestors to operational data nodes. This

     functionality is also available via the -O option to 'ncs_load'.

     (Issue tracker: #27797)

   - ncs: 'sync-from'/'sync-to'/'check-sync'/'partial-sync-from' actions now

     have a 'wait-for-lock' parameter that can be used to specify a timeout

     that the action waits until the device lock is released and any commit

     queue items that contain the device are done. If the 'wait-for-lock'

     parameter is not specified, the action will fail immediately for the

     device if the lock is taken for the device or if the device is placed

     in the commit queue.

     A commit now use the /devices/global-settings/commit-retries to wait

     for any device lock to be released.

     (Issue tracker: #27591)

   - ncs: Added action 'wait-until-completed' to


     When a commit queue item has been deleted this is reported to the

     commit requestor.

   - ncs: Previously if any of the devices in a commit queue item failed,

     other devices still had the changes in the item pushed to them. This

     left the network in an inconsistent state.

     A commit queue item is now atomic in the sense that if any device

     fail, all device changes (in the queue item) pushed to the network are

     now reverted. This makes the queue item in atomic mode equivalent to a

     normal two-phase commit.

   - ncs: Performance of partial-sync-from has been improved.

   - ncs: Previously if any of the devices in a commit queue item failed,

     other devices still had the changes in the item pushed to them. This

     left the network in an inconsistent state.

     There is now possible to rollback atomic commit queue items locally or

     through an entire LSA or device cluster. To guarantee service integrity

     if we have overlapping data 'block-others' must be set on the queue


     Automatic/manual error recovery can be configured with

     /devices/global-settings/commit-queue/error-recovery. Automatic means

     that NSO will automatically try to rollback the failed transaction.

     Manual means that NSO will not try to rollback the failed transaction.

     The NB client needs to execute the the rollback action

     on/devices/device/commit-queue/completed/queue-item or correct the

     error in some other way. Not setting a recovery option corresponds to

     the legacy behaviour previous to NSO 4.4.2.

     Completed queue items can be viewed under

     /devices/commit-queue/completed. This list is not cleaned

     automatically. This needs to be done on a regular basis with

     /devices/commit-queue/completed/purge if using the commit queue.

   - ncs: A commit parameter 'atomic' is added when committing with

     commit-queue to set the atomic behaviour of the resulting queue item.

     The default is that the queue-item is atomic but this can be changed

     with /device/global-settings/commit-queue/atomic or by invoking the

     'set-atomic-behaviour' action in /devices/commit-queue and


   - CLI: A new NED capability has been added. This capability allows NEDs

     to use the CLI parser in strict mode, which uses the indentation of

     given commands to enter and exit sub modes.

   - Java API: Improved error message when null is passed as a value to

     putQuoted method in TemplateVariables class.

     (Issue tracker: #27853)

   - Python API: The Python API is no longer dependent on the environment

     variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

     (Issue tracker: #27509)

   - Toolchain: Added a --keep-ncs-setup option to the NSO installer, to

     include the ncs-setup command in a "system install".

     (Issue tracker: #27937)

   - Toolchain: NCT: it is now possible for NCT to supply a password to a

     [sudo] password prompt when issuing remote SSH commands by the use of

     the flag/option "sudo-pass". Note that for 'nct ssh-cmd', you need to

     provide the 'sudo' command the '-S' flag. 'nct start' and 'nct stop'

     does this by default'

   - Toolchain: NCT: The 'start' and 'stop' command is now always executed

     from '/' instead of '$HOME' of the user issuing the command.

   - Toolchain: NCT: A new flag 'ssh-key-name' has been introduced which

     allows the user to name the public ssh-key file for NCT to use if using

     NCT with passphrase free SSH keys