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Nicklas Wagerth
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

NSO’s New Concurrency Model

Viktória Fördős and Claes Nästén (NSO BU)



Join Viktória and Claes and learn about the technical details of NSO's new concurrency model and how you can get the most out of it.


About the Speakers

Viktória is passionate about security, consistency models, and highly available (HA) and scalable software. She first came in contact with Erlang in 2010 when she joined the RefactorErl project. She has been active in R&D, and of course in Erlang, ever since. She has contributed to FP7 EU projects (PharaPhrase, RELEASE, SYNCFREE) and published her results in academic and industrial conferences and journals. She believes that research is to be consumed by industry, and promotes research that has immediate impact and helps software engineers. She joined Cisco Systems in 2019. She is an NSO core engineer and solves (network orchestration) problems in Erlang every day.


Cales is an experienced Erlang developer at Cisco with almost 20 years in the IT industry. Lives in the northern part of Sweden and comes from a UN*X and C background.


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