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Nicklas Wagerth
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Overview of NSO HA

Ulrik Stridsman, Software engineer, NSO BU

This session was part of both the virtual event as well as the live event in Stockholm.



High Availability is an area where NSO has advanced over the years and this presentation will provide a useful overview of the HA framework first released in NSO 5.4 and how it has advanced with features to avoid split-brain (NSO 5.7) and Package Upgrade (NSO 5.8)


About the Speaker

Ulrik Stridsman has been working with NSO since the early days and has extensive experience. The great variety of projects is very useful in his role as a software engineer in the "NSO, ConfD & NSO Applications” CTO team. Ulrik is an ultra-runner and he is endurance personified. He is very open-minded and passionate about finding ways to improve value for NSO practitioners. His current focus is on robust and scalable architectures. Anything that touches High Availability, Layered Service Architecture (LSA), Commit Queues, and the like will trigger his interest.



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