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Automating compliance reporting & remediation using NSO

Cisco Employee

Do you have devices in your network which are not compliant with your network standards?


If the answer to this question is “yes” then you may have an easy solution through NSO (Network Service Orchestrator). Cisco CX team has developed an NSO-based package that can report and fix non-standard configuration on device(s) in your network.


What are the supported Platforms


This package uses built-in NSO compliance reporting feature and adds necessary enhancements. Currently out of the box, Cisco ASR-9001 platform has been validated.  More platforms (including multivendor OS) can easily be validated by just defining golden templates for those platforms/vendors.


Available Features:


  1. Open architecture: Generic platform to support reporting and resolving configuration issues. More device vendors can be easily added.
  2. Extensible YANG model: Existing YANG model can be extended to support customizations.
  3. Multiple templates support: Can generate reports for multiple golden templates.
  4. Devices compliant support: Option is available to make device(s) compliant against given golden templates.
  5. Bulk device(s) support: You can identify and fix golden configuration in bulk for same or different devices.


Watch the video where Imran Baig, Solution Architect, explains how this package works. Full source code of this package is available here.


For further information please contact the Cisco CX team, Syed Ziaullah (, Solution Architect, Manish Jain (, Director Software Integration and Orchestration or reach us at mailer



Cisco Employee

Hi Imran,

I can't get this video to play.  Does it work for you?


Cisco Employee

Hi Ian,


If I am not logged into the site, I cannot play this video. But after logging in, it works. Can you please confirm if you are logged in.

Cisco Employee

Hi Imran,

I managed to play the video from another device, so it must be a local problem.

Can you please share the link to the downloadable software?



Cisco Employee

Here is the link.


It is is also available in original post under  "Full source code of this package is available here."  Word Here is linked to source code URL, little tricky and hidden :)