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CBW240AC-B Factory reset boot fail.


Hey, thank you for your time. I have a CBW249AC-B as mentioned in the title. When I attempt a factory reset using the "paper clip" method, my device seems to fail/shutdown with no SSID for the ciscobusiness setup showing. I have boot logs and it shows the 'virtual' interface going down and then all VLANs go down and then restarting the switch driver. That is when it fails/turns off, LED turns off and is stuck on restarting switch driver. Any help would be much appreciated. New to networking/IT so bare with me. 

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Remove the power the power source and connect back power source and try reset again.

when you reset the config all will be wiped.

i do see the router got IP address :

ethernet_port wired0, ip


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I have a similar problem. Out of the box, the AP setup as documented. on initial reboot, I couldn't login. After several retires, I shutdown the "new" ap and restarted my home AP which is also the CBW240. I come to find out that it appears the Username and Password are case sensitive. For the new AP, I failed to explicitly copy the case of the username correctly. I have to reset the new AP. I have spent a couple of hours resetting according to the documentation using the reset mode button. I have tried varying when to release the mode button but no matter where I release the button, the configuration is not reset and I do not get the default startup ssid. 

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