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Configuration Backup

We manage three ON-100s.  One of the units reports a notification event daily as to whether the configuration has been backed-up (or not if there are not changes).The other two do not report any of these events.Other than the "maintenance window" (wh...

OnPlus Top 10 and Roadmap - What do you think?

Thank you all so much for your great feedback! During the past few months, we’ve met and talked to quite a bit of you on shows, events and here on our Support Community, and listened to your comments and requests.Following these discussions and the f...

Efrat Noy by Cisco Employee
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Mystery Host Discoveries

At one of our sites, OnPlus has discovered a couple of devices that cannot be explained.  All deivces connected to switchports on the LAN are properly discovered.  These "Mystery" devices are in addition to the known devices.There are two of them and...

curt-wwwww by Beginner
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OnPlus Reports

It sure would be nice to either rebrand the logo on the reports or import my company logo. Is this possible or can this be added to the next version upgrade.

Email Alerts

Guys,Can we get a 'plain' background on the email alerts?  When forwarding off those alerts to other people and putting in notes, it is hard to read those notes.Thanks!

CHRIS YEO by Beginner
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Scanner issues with Chrome and Java 7.0

Dear OnPlus users,We've recently discovered a situation where OnPlus Scanner would not work on a Chrome browser.This is a result of Chrome's incompatibility with Java 7.0. Since Chrome is a 32-bit browser, it will not work with 64-bit Java, which may...

Efrat Noy by Cisco Employee
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