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Disable Device Discovery - Dashboard


  A couple of questions to find out if these features are available or may be available in up coming releases

1. Can you disable Device Discovery or restrict the IP range that the On100 agent searches. We have a large amount of workstations and I have no desire to monitor these devices. Ideally I should be able to exclude the DHCP range to stop these devices from clustering up the portal page.

2. Is there the ability to remove the timeout on the portal page. We would like to be able to set this up on a mounted screen as a Dashboard but this is not possible with the timeout.

3. We have multiple remote sites that operate SR520s. I know it is best practice to add a on100 agent to each site back each of these sites consist on a phone and a SR520 only. It is not feasible to add another device just for monitoring so I have added them manual to monitor there up\down status. Does anyone know if the on100 agent can backup these devices that are manually added, these deature works fine for the 'discovered' SR520.

Regards Christian.


Hi Christian,

1. We don’t support his currently, but we are hearing this request often and plan to offer this capability soon. Please stay tuned. If these are taking up a lot of room on your dashboard, one suggestion is to make one of the workstations as a parent of all the other devices and collapse the tree. A workaround for now ....:)

2.Currently there isn't a capability to disable the inactivity timeout on the OnPlus portal.  The inactivity timeout was to help ensure that mechanisms that could impact the network (configuration changes, firmware, etc)  wouldn't be left unattended.  It happens at about every 24 minutes currently....We are investigating some options that could provide read only views to the portal, which would help circumvent the worry about unauthorized/unattended access. 

3. If these are Cisco devices that support this feature, then you can do additional monitoring and management if you select an appropriate Device Driver that best fits the device. You may also need to provide the credentials. You can read about how to select the Device Driver on Page 88 here.

Hope this helps,



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