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Feature Request - Timed Removal, Ignore IP Range, Autoplace by IP in Topology

A few feature requests:

1 - Time-based automatic removal for certain devices/IP ranges/Subnets.

Some network/subnet/ip ranges that are being discovered are considered "public" (e.g. hotspot, guest networks), and the devices come and go. They're piling up and slowing down the Onplus web interface.

It would be nice to be able to configure subnets, IP ranges, or devices to be automatically removed if they are missing.. Whether immediately, or after a certain time (customized hours or set intervals such as 1 day).

2 - Ignore IP Range (for automatic discovery)

Somewhat related to the previous request. For guest/public networks, we may not want to monitor or discover these devices, but because the discovery system simply scans for all the networks, they are increasing. It would be nice to be able to ignore subnets or specific IP ranges from being discovered.

3 - Autoplace Device in Topology by IP/Subnet

Another method in dealing with some networks is to be able to automatically move them under a parent device if they have a certain IP, or by Subnet. For example, we have VoIP phones on our network, and would want them to show up under the VoIP server or switch they are connected to. I know it should go under the switch, but discovery issues are still present with the OnPlus, so, at least this feature would allow autoplacement where we would like it.


Feature Request - Timed Removal, Ignore IP Range, Autoplace by I

Thanks for the great feedback Jas!  I like this as it gives more flexbility in where auto discovery occurs - especially helpful in cases where you may just want to limit discovery to infrastructure devices on specific management segments!  I'll make a note of this and will share and convey your thoughts with the team. 

Thanks again for your ongoing support!



Feature Request - Timed Removal, Ignore IP Range, Autoplace by I

These are all 3 great requests!  Very much needed.