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Feedback Requested - New and Improved Executive Summary

Efrat Noy
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hello OnPlus users!

One of the most important capabilities of OnPlus is its ability to create reports and summaries for you, to deliver to your end customers.

OnPlus is unique in that it provides valuable information on the network function and health, and can create a comprehensive status report of the network status.

We believe that these reports are also useful in a sales setting, as you sell your managed services to prospect customers, and review the end result (reports) with them.

This is why we are setting on improving our set of reports, and we are starting off with our executive summary.

Attached to this post is the format of our proposed Executive Summary Report. We wanted to keep it concise and to the point, by consolidating important information into one single page.

Please have a look and let us know -- What do you think of this format? What other information would you like to see here?

Your inputs are very welcome!!


The OnPlus Team

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Looking good.  There is a good amount of useful information in the current Executive Report.  If the plan is to have Summary and Detail reporting, or this is just the cover page, then I like where this is headed.  That said, probably one of the most important pieces of functionality for me is the ability to select what topics I want included in the report rather than just getting whatever is designed for me.

On the internet connectivity aspect, it would be nice to have an optional "estimated upload/download" speed based on the throughput the OnPlus device is experiencing.

Axis info on the Network Quality graph

Bar Graphs of Average CPU and Memory Utilization as well as number of config backups or latest config backup (or the last time OnPlus determined there was no configuration change) on each Cisco Device.

Pie graph for quantity of Cisco devices on current GD Firmware, 1 version behind, 2 versions behind, etc.

Warranty Expiration - Pie Graph

Service Contract Expiration - Pie Graph

One other consideration might be to have the option to generate the Executive Report with or without detail in HTML with this new Summary as the Cover Page and each section being active links to their respective details.

Finally, a means to link the report to a client portal.  For example, we use ConnectWise and can link custom reports, if we want to.  If I could schedule a report on a monthly basis and have the updated report always have the same url, I could place that url as another report in my client portal allowing my clients to view/retrieve the current version of their report whenever they want.

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I would like to see summary server information...

For speed, i would rather see a a ul/dl speed that we can put in, and pull some stats from the gateway.  Then maybe stats on data usage... and maybe average speeds.


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