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Incessant WAN error messages


Hi there,

I have just received almost 100 messages in 20 minutes relating to my WAN performance.  I even UNPLUGGED my unit and still received messages.  I have had to go in and suspend the profile.  Luckily this is my own private beta unit and not a clients.  Please let me know what to do to get this issue resolved as it is NOT ok.  Thanks.                  

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Hi Lokib,

Sorry to hear about the troubles. Are these error message the "Site Comms Up/Down" as we had discussed in the past? If this is for WAN Network Performance, you could try making the Jitter, Latency, and Loss thresholds higher so it doesn't generate an event.


The OnPlus Team

I don't think it had anything to do with my thresholds.  I had the unit unplugged completely (power and network) and I kept receiving messages.  I would say it must have been something with whatever hosts the database and/or profile.  I'll try turning it on again later to see if the messages have finally disappeared.

How long after unplugging did the messages continue? I'll look into it from our end to see if we had any events that could have generated something like this.

Could you please send me a PM with the site name?

Thanks again!

No need to PM you as it's my own beta unit for WhyReboot called "WhyReboot."  It's attached and registered to the beta site not the commercial one.

It was still going on about 5 minutes after I unplugged it so I finally just logged in and suspended the account as I couldn't make or receive phone calls on my phone due to the emails being read aloud constantly.

Thanks Lokib, we are investigating a couple of different sources that are impacting the WAN events. Since the device is suspended, we aren't able to gather logs.

Would it be possible to plug the device in for a bit? You could disable the WAN Network Performance monitor to limite the number e-mails generated.

Once completed, do we have permission to pull the logs?

Thanks again,

The OnPlus Team

I reactivated it and so far so good.  Go ahead and check the logs.

Thanks, the site is now available but it shows as down. Once the connectivity is restored I can pull the logs.


The OnPlus Team

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