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OnPlus Agent Disconnects

My search of the Small Business Support Community site comes up empty when I search using words that describe the problem we are having. So either I'm looking in the wrong place, using the wrong words, or we are experiencing an unusual situation.

The OnPlus service offering looks very attractive. We purchased a unit last year to test the service program; and based on the documentation, and what we have seen in our testing, we could use the service at all of our small client sites--if it could be made to consistently work.

Here is our problem: the OnPlus Agent device spontaneously disconnects after 2-4 days. Prior to the disconnect, the agent and service seem to work well: connecting to the monitoring center, discovering devices, monitoring services, etc. But the service does not advise us via email of the disconnect in the way it provides us of other alerts. Instead we discover the problem when we logon to the Portal and see a red disconnected icon on Home page's Overview screen or when our weekly service report arrives and we read that the service went down (often) a few days earlier. Our first unit was replaced under warranty; but the replacement unit is having the same problem. We've tried the agent/service on two different networks (one of which is our very simple internal network). We've tried PoE and power supply connections. We've tried cooler temperature locations for the agent device. All have resulted in the same disconnect problem. Connecting to the Agent after it has disconnected from the service, by browsing to its previously assigned static IP, results in a page that indicates the agent has forgotten its static IP address and Activation code; but when we select configure, the assigned IP address and other fields show the previously configured values.

I'm not sure how to explain two bad units, or two problematic networks; particularly since I can't find anyone else that is reporting "agents disconnect" problems. Look forward to any suggestions before we just give up.

Cisco Employee

OnPlus Agent Disconnects


Could you please give us the customer name you are expereincing this issue on, so we can have a look at this on our end? If you like, you can PM this to me at




OnPlus Agent Disconnects

Hi there,

We apologize for the issue that you are experiencing with the agent going down.

I see that you are having a Cisco Router as your edge device. It is possible that it could be a firewall or NAT timeout related on the outbound heartbeat connection   that the ON100 initiates towards the cloud on TCP port 11300. You might   want to check to make sure that your firewall/NAT isn't set to time-out   long-running TCP connections, at least for the ON100's IP address.

As far as notifications, I see that your delivery rules are set to severity level of Emergency, which means you receive email/SMS only for Emergency events. The ON100 going off unexpectedly is currently categorized as severity =Warning and that is why you do not receive any email for that. If you change the delivery rule setting to Warning, you will receive notification for all events with severity=Warning & higher.
Let us know if this works.

Re: OnPlus Agent Disconnects

Thank you. We are not able to fully remove the timeout in our firewall for TCP connections; but we have extended it from 30 minutes to 8 hours. I’ve also reduced the notification threshold setting and will look forward to testing this unit for the next few days. I will let you know if it disconnects.



Re: OnPlus Agent Disconnects

Extending the firewall's timeout resolved the problem for at least five days (longer than it has ever remained connected). But then the service reported our device had reached the end of its warranty; and the device is no longer connecting to the serivce. I'm assuming it is not connecting because of the warranty expiration. But I also thought these units came with three years of support? I think this unit is about one year old.