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OnPlus End-of-Life

Efrat Noy
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Dear OnPlus users,

With the acquisition of Meraki in late 2012, Meraki became Cisco's primary cloud management solution for network infrastructure.

As a result of that, we made the very difficult decision to wind down OnPlus.  A formal announcement will be made early next week, however, the OnPlus team wanted to provide you, the OnPlus users, an advance notice. 

In short, ON100 Network Agents will continue to be sold through distribution until August 2013, while the OnPlus Service portal will continue to be supported with the current SLA for over a year following, until the Fall of 2014.

Please note that there will be no impact at all to other Cisco products or services.

We at Cisco and the OnPlus team truly value your loyalty and dedication to OnPlus.  Since its launch it has been heartwarming to see so much support for our service, and we value that greatly.

We understand for many of you have started building a service around OnPlus, and that our decision will impact your business.  As we mentioned it was not an easy nor quick decision. However, we would be happy to discuss with you Meraki or other Cisco solutions can help grow your business.

Thank you,

The OnPlus Team

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First, thanks for giving the community a heads-up on this. I appreciate this must have been tough news for the OnPlus team as well.

This is obviously extremely disheartening news for the user community. While we have adopted Meraki for MDM for our SMB customers and can easily see why Meraki represented a great value purchase for Cisco, the pricing of their product and from what I understand the Meraki positioning within Cisco means that their product will not be suitable for SMB customers in our part of the world, where an SMB is defined as 50 seats and less.

For our business OnPlus has been a fantastic solution, providing support for the full range of SMB Pro product, and allowing us to remotely access non Cisco products at customer sites without a full VPN.

Thanks for all the hard work, and great vision that your team has displayed in providing such a unique product to meet the needs of MSP's devoted to the SMB space...I can only hope that someone else steps into the void that will be left by the demise of OnPlus.

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I would like to echo Mr. Macklow's thoughts on the pending demise of onPlus.  Thanks to the OnPlus team for making a great product for the SMB market.  I'm certain the decision to end onPlus has been tough for the OnPlus team, especially since the product is unique and simply works.  The product will be terribly missed by those of us who serve the smaller side of the SMB market (< than 50 devices per client location).

OnPlus has provided us with a tool and value added product and services offering that has previously been out of reach of our customer base.  And, OnPlus will be sorely missed.

With that said, I'd like mention my agreement that although Meraki's product offerings are a great addition to Cisco, they are beyond the price point of all but our very largest customers. 

I am hoping as we move closer to the end-of-sale/end-of-life dates for OnPlus that Cisco will provide some specific details about what it views as a replacement product for OnPlus.


Does that mean that OnPlus devices will not function after 2014? I have a few units that I sold as an entry level monitoring platform based on a three year pre payment :-(

Not trying to bash, just looking for facts.


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Gregory asked:

"Does that mean that OnPlus devices will not function after 2014? I have a  few units that I sold as an entry level monitoring platform based on a  three year pre payment :-("

This is a very important question!

Can you answer on this?

Hi Cornelius,

The short answer is yes. Under the current EoL plan, the OnPlus portal will go offline August 5th 2014 at which time ON100 units will cease to function as a part of the service. Additional questions and answers, including how to request a refund for unused service is available at


Ross Phillips

There must be a like for like alternative.

Any help would be great. We've looked at Ihiji but althought very good it doesnt seem to be quite there.


Mehdi Talei

So what is the replacement product?

There doesnt seem to be one in a hope that everyone who relied on this will perform a forklift upgrade of their entire estate to change it to Meraki. The only viable alternative to the OnPLus service is Ihiji.

Well I don't mind to use Meraki as far as the product exists!

Neither do I but in order to do network monitoring, ALL the end devices have to be Meraki.

That means all your current kit you had monitored using onplus would have to be replaced with Meraki cloud managed devices.

It is my understanding that there is not going to be an OnPlus type of replacement that will perform multiple vendor/generalist type of network monitoring, which is a terrible shame. 

I think Meraki makes great products, but they don't fit the budgets of most of the SMB's that we work with, and it appears that Meraki's network monitoring services only work with Meraki products.  It also appears that the "Cisco Networking Assistant" mentioned in the OnPlus EOL FAQ's only work with Cisco devices, and it doesn't really seem to be a feature-for-feature replacement for the OnPlus.

We have looked at increasing the velocity of Spiceworks remotes at our customer sites, but it doesn't give the same level of real time monitoring as the OnPlus, and if you run it on a dedicated device then there is the hardware and software cost of a full Windows based PC involved in the roll-out.

We have also looked at using the services provided by ( )
, and with an on-site remote unit (we or the end-user customer would need to supply a linux or windows based host to place the monitor onto) it looks like it will perform similarly to OnPlus.  It is, however, much more expensive to offer the same density and speed of monitoring that OnPlus is capable of.  So, it will be out of reach of most of our customers.

I would like more information about this Ihiji product, as I've never heard of it. 

Many of us are unhappy, to say the least, about Cisco's EoS/EoL of OnPlus.  I think it's great that everyone is coming here and listing what other solutions you're considering.  For anyone wanting to look at the ihiji solution, their website is here.

I hope everyone else will continue coming back with their feedbac on what they come across, opinions, and for those that do start to switch, feedback on the solution(s).

Shawn Eftink CCNA/CCDA Please rate all helpful posts and mark correct answers to assist others searching for solutions in the community.

Hi everyone,

It’s great to see the discussion here and I’m happy to hear that others are considering ihiji as an alternative solution.  For those who are not familiar with ihiji, the company offers a NMaaS (Network Management as a Service) solution which is very similar to OnPlus - utilizing a simple, low-cost hardware appliance combined with a cloud hosted portal.

ihiji has been marketing its primary product, invision, for nearly four years as a solution for high-end residential networks. Although invision hasn’t been formally marketed to MSPs the solution offers services comparable to that of OnPlus providing a web platform that allows remote monitoring and support.

We’d like to engage the community to quickly identify any features that could improve your experience as you transition away from OnPlus.  Our end goal is to provide you with a simple and affordable solution to fill the void left by Cisco in servicing SMBs.

We believe that our product can provide value as well as a new range of services. If anyone is interested, we would love to chat on the forums or you can contact us at +1 512.538.0520.

You can also learn more by visiting



Michael Maniscalco

ihiji is RMM ...Simplified

Michael Maniscalco ihiji is RMM ...Simplified 512.538.0520

Just for info to all on this thread. Mike is a genuine good guy and is happy to help and support but moreso, take any feedback onboard to try and improve Ihiji. I have been working with him over the last few days to potetially provide us with an alternative to onplus and the results are looking promising.

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