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OnPlus End-of-Life

Efrat Noy
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Dear OnPlus users,

With the acquisition of Meraki in late 2012, Meraki became Cisco's primary cloud management solution for network infrastructure.

As a result of that, we made the very difficult decision to wind down OnPlus.  A formal announcement will be made early next week, however, the OnPlus team wanted to provide you, the OnPlus users, an advance notice. 

In short, ON100 Network Agents will continue to be sold through distribution until August 2013, while the OnPlus Service portal will continue to be supported with the current SLA for over a year following, until the Fall of 2014.

Please note that there will be no impact at all to other Cisco products or services.

We at Cisco and the OnPlus team truly value your loyalty and dedication to OnPlus.  Since its launch it has been heartwarming to see so much support for our service, and we value that greatly.

We understand for many of you have started building a service around OnPlus, and that our decision will impact your business.  As we mentioned it was not an easy nor quick decision. However, we would be happy to discuss with you Meraki or other Cisco solutions can help grow your business.

Thank you,

The OnPlus Team

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I'd like to chime in here if I may.  My company has been a HUGE follower of OnPlus for quite some time now.  We have QUITE A FEW sites using the system and have been VERY happy with it, in fact I'm so sad to see it go I could just about cry.  Anyway, in the meantime, we have had quite a bit of experience with ihiji as well because they are tuned to our industry and offer some features not available by OnPlus.  To be true, OnPlus also offers a few features not available from ihiji but I know the folks over there are quickly working on that to be able to provide those as well.  We have recommended ihiji to some of our clients that required access to control system technology that wasn't available via OnPlus and thus far have been quite pleased, especially with their support for issues unrelated to their product.  I also have a demo unit in our lab that, along with OnPlus, tracks our in-house systems.  Side note: YES THIS MEANS I RECEIVE DOUBLE THE AMOUNT OF ALERTS FROM THIS ONE SITE AND YES IT'S A PAIN IN THE A$$.


To my fellow OnPlus users;

Unfortunately we have all come to a point where we have fallen in love with the cost effective and very feature rich system Cisco had given us that allowed us to do things normally only available to clients willing to spend 10 times the amount on a monitoring system such as What's up Gold or Kaseya.  Yes, these products offer much more features but some sites just don't require that amount of insight or that amount of a learning curve if you're in the SMB (or residential home automation) market.  I would have to concur with the others on this thread who have stated that ihiji is an alternative.  They have almost every single feature of the OnPlus units aside from the Cisco-centric features (which were AWESOME if you were using Cisco gear).

I know they're working on some of the features they don't currently have such as the sudo-VPN tunnel to connect to local devices, automatic discovery, etc.  However, if you need to monitor your client sites, gather more than just host up/down status (a la SNMP, etc.), and for a relatively low TCO, then ihiji is your huckleberry.  Truth be told I personally know, and have worked with, the co-founder of ihiji, Mike Maniscalco, and I can only say that he is dedicated to making his product exactly what you want it to be and is open to any criticism and suggestions to make his vision succeed.  On top of that, he's just an all around great guy.

I personally vouch for him and his crew.

Thank you Cisco for giving us this product for the time that you did.  I wish it could have progressed as I had hoped that it would.  The OnPlus team has been one of the most responsive to suggestions and changes that I have ever worked with and I'm sad to see them go.  I had almost announced a monitoring service to all of my clients that was based off of OnPlus and I'm glad I received the info I did, when I did, letting me know I should pull the plug otherwise I would have lost more of an investment than I had already put in.  I feel for your team and know it wasn't your decision.  I still don't see how in the world Meraki has anything to do with OnPlus.  Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart.  To everybody else I say good luck and if you're looking for an alternative, there is literally no other one at that level and that price other than ihiji.  Feel free to contact me directly if you have any trepidation, questions or qualms related to my recommendation.  Have a great week all!

-Bjørn Jensen

President, WhyReboot


Cisco has shut down quite a few of SMB focused offerings for both solutions and SMB Partner support in the last 2 years. As an employee of an SMB who is an SMB Solution Provider I'm left feeling that Cisco's declaration of support of the SMB space is nothing short of smoke and mirrors.

On-Plus allowed me to monitor an manage manu different devices including workstations and servers. Neither CNA nor Merakai allow me to do this. Cisco is not offering anything that remotely comes close to what On-Plus offered SMB. The price point of ~$200 for 3 years per monitored site was amazing... Merakai is $150/year/ap (note it's for Merakai APs only, and only APs, no routers, workstations, switches, servers, etc...).

I honestly feel cheated by Cisco in regard to the way the SMB business space has been treated in the last 2 years.

I've taken a look at ihiji, and the price point is rather high in comparison to On-Plus, the monitoring and alerting features are also less than On-Plus. From what I can see, there is not any ability to recover configurations for SMB Managed Switches or SMB routers. They seem to have a long way before they will have the feature set that we need to replace On-Plus... but they seem to have a good start. I don't think they have the capital to meet On-Plus pricing though... and thus prices them out of our budget.

This was a terrible decision Cisco, the reasoning behind it makes no sense. I think you had a great team, a great service, and a great implementation. This service would have empowered SMB for many years to come if it was not killed off, needlessly, and without a viable alternative for your loyal SMB solution providers.

So very disappointed Cisco, so very disappointed.

Daren and Ross,

Great talking to you both today and thank you for all of the feedabck.  As discussed we recognize that there are a handful of feature gaps between OnPlus and ihiji's current product but most are fairly trivial additions - your feedback validated some features as high priority.  The major features are already in active development.

Also, in regards to pricing, we are very interested in hearing from the OnPlus community what the appropriate price points should be.  There will be a low cost hardware appliance purchase required that is on par with the ON100 and there will also be a value oriented recurring fee for the solution. 

This fee could be tiered, priced by device or features, etc.  Knowing what size installations OnPlus was typically installed on, what range of service fees were being charged and what the price tolerance of the end users is would be very helpful.  We want to find a price point that works for everyone.

Pricing will be protected and the ihiji product will not be sold directly to end users. We'd really like to discuss pricing and features with more users.  Feel free to chime in here, direct message me or call us at 512-538-0520 to chat.


Michael Maniscalco

ihiji is RMM ...Simplified

Michael Maniscalco ihiji is RMM ...Simplified 512.538.0520

Hi all,

I'm late to comment, but I'm also bummed that OnPlus is going away, for many reasons, and on many levels.

Yes, the Meraki gear looks cool, but it is defintely more expensive.  There were (and are) a lot of neat things that can/could be done with an OnPlus device at very low cost - e.g. just drop a unit at a client site to get an easy network inventory.  They were/are small, relatively low cost - e.g. you could afford to outfit one in each engineer's vehicle or tool bag if desired.

Haven't been this bummed since Microsoft decided to discontinue their very cool SMB VoIP phone system, Response Point.  <~:sigh:~>

That said - I want to thank everyone on the Cisco OnPlus team for all of their efforts, and for continuing to support the platform during the interim period.  Also, thanks for giving a fair amount of heads-up on the EOL.  That is also greatly appreciated, as it gives people ample time to start to "change gears" to something else.  (Or, as perhaps may be the case, for other parties to work on potential solutions).

-- Dave Bainum (

Ross Phillips

I have started a new thread in with the words cisco onplus replacement alternative in the title so they show up better on google.

This is at the address

If we can start to detail our requirements in this thread then it may help the guys like Mike from Ihiji or other vendors develop a good alternative.

Thanks for the support everyone.



I concur with others here that Cisco is not supporting SMB's anymore despite what they say. We have bought and sold products that went EOL within a year; luckily there were migration paths, but in this case no...

With the Meraki purchase I was hoping there would be more of a focus on Internet based SMB management from Cisco and a commitment to move their products over to this; a usual this didn't or isn't happening. Or if it is it will be years away as SOP at Cisco.

I understand there may not be enough interest in certain products to make them viable from a corporate Juggernaught perspective, but PICK A PATH?! - You say you are committed to SMB, but you sell product lines, drop products, all the while leaving your channels embarrassed, and scrambling to find alternatives. If you want to get back to your roots, then do it! but plan to assist your partners on paths that don't leave them with egg on their faces, or change their whole business model; spin off business units to new companies if required (don't get me started on Linksys)

I realize that this is just one simple product that was good for a few partners, but it's another one of Cisco's attempts then dismisses. As a stock holder I am getting more and more displeased with Cisco as a corporation and see that a management shake-up is time. Stop talking to your big 20 twenty customers and giving them what they want, start talking to your 1000's of vars/integrators/partners and find out what works and what their customers want!!

Rant over.

I would like to also comment that this is one of the dangers of going to a cloud hosted system rather than having your own in-house systems. You become at the mercy of the providor. This is only one example.

Byte Solutions, Managed Computer Services 561.338.9696

@gherbstman I'd say that you need to have faith and trust in any business relationship to have the confidence that your vendor and their product will be there to support you in a time of need.  While cloud vendors can be more risky there are a number or pros that can outweigh that risk.  Cloud vs in-house could be debated until the end of the time but there are many factors that each invidudual should consider when making that decision.

Michael Maniscalco ihiji is RMM ...Simplified 512.538.0520
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