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Problem Monitor Port stops working


I set up a customer and put in a SPAN port on the switch and hooked it in as it should so that we can use the NTOP program.  After 10 - 15 min it stops getting data.  We reboot the onplus device and it starts working again for 10 min and again will stop.

Could this be a bad box or what should I do?



Hi Michael,

My gut feeling tells me that it's likely to be an issue with NTOP than with the hardware.  I've taken some notes on what we saw today, and i'll make sure that the right folks give it a look over. 


Do we have any update or idea what I should do for customers that have this problem (both that I have it set up far).

Are there changes that I need to make at my end or are we sure this is a problem with the portal?  If it is a portal problem is there any timeline for a fix?



Hi Michael,

Can you send me a direct email ( with the 'Topology' page URL for the customer that you are referring to? I'd like to pull the operational logs and see if there's anything we can find there.



I have seen the same thing with an Onplus unit that I installed yesterday.

NTOP works for awhile and then stops. Reboot, works for awhile and then dies again.

Jeff Bright

Bright Systems, Inc.

Broken Arrow, OK

I just sent you a message in e-mail with the links to the pages of the sites that have the NTOP problem.

I have a site with the same issue.  NTOP will stop working.  Restarting NTOP is enough to get it going again.  Is it running out of logging space?


After a call with Michael, we observed that he can still reach the GUI for NTOP and the main summary page shows the stats there updating. The problem appears when he clicks on the 'graph' icon just at the bottom of the main summary page's 'Traffic Report for 'eth1'' section. I'm able to reproduce the dead graph results on my system, but it appears that NTOP isn't stalled, but the graphs on this page seem not to update. As this is a third party tool, we're taking a look at the latest version and then also checking to see if this is some sort of an auto-scaling issue.

The key point is that we'd love to find out if others are referring to this single graph page being stalled or is the NTOP main page no longer updating too. If you can still reach the NTOP main page, please share with us what part isn't updating.



I notice this thread is a bit long in the tooth ... Has any progress been made on this issue?  (Or is there a work-around?)

Ours is a pretty new installation and is experiencing similar symptoms.  A re-boot of the ON100 will get NTOP working again, but there is a "gap" in the data for the time period that it went away.


Hi Curt,

We are aware of this issue but do not have a solution at this time, this will be available in a future release.

Thank you for your patience.

The OnPlus Team

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