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WAN Monitor page doesn't display current latency/packet loss


The on-plus when you look at the wan stats tab you DON"T see current info...I checked the setting and also tested the monitor which showed issues that generated a email....but I can't see them on the tab...a little help please

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The "WAN Stats" tab takes some time to populate the current information. Is this a new site or did it have an outage? If so, this could be the cause.


The OnPlus Team


I am experiencing what I think cowboyflr is talking about too.

When I open the WAN stats graph for any of our customer sites, I am getting old graph data from the last time I checked the site (before the weekend upgrade)

Some sites are showing data from the 19th, others from the 21st...nothing is newer than that.

I confirm the same issue.  My last update seems to be 1-18-2013 at 08:25-08:30.

I've also noticed VERY sluggish performance from the OnPlus portal.  I'm on a 30/30 Fiber Circuit with a 50/5 Cable Modem link balanced so I don't think the issue is bandwidth on my end.

Shawn Eftink CCNA/CCDA Please rate all helpful posts and mark correct answers to assist others searching for solutions in the community.

We are investigating this issue now. I'll provide an update once I have more information.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for the report.


The OnPlus Team

Hi aqkazi

Do you have any news/updates to share on this one?




I am also experiencing this issue at 2 sites.  One stopped at 1/24/13 at 23:30 and the other 1/16/13 at 1:05.

The sites have been active for a while.  No events elude to anything.  Both recently updated firmware (, but this was well after the data collection stopped.  Also, clicking Test Monitor shows the monitor works, but no data appears to be stored/collected/graphed for jitter/latency or packet loss as OP stated.

I opened a case with SMB TAC earlier today.  Nothing yet.  Reboots and stopping/starting monitor did not resolve.

We are still investigating this issue. I'll provide an update once I have more information.


The OnPlus Team


The OnPlus engineering team has identified a bug that impacts the availability of the WAN Bandwidth monitor and impacts the availability of the historical bandwidth monitor data. A fix is being applied to the On100 software that will restore the monitor functionality.  The new On100 software with the fix will be applied during the maintenance window early tomorrow (2/1/2013) morning. The update will cause the On100 to restart.

We apologize for any inconvenience this problem has caused.


Randall Jones

All of our ON100s updated last night (and rebooted).

Wan stats are still stuck on 1/26/13.

Is there an interval before the stats start showing-up?

The Team just finished installing the final patch on the server side. WAN stats should be working now.

I'm having the exact same problem.  WAN Stats are still stuck on 2012-12-15!

Cisco OnPlus was upgraded to the latest firmware last week.

What firmware version is it running?  It looks like the latest is  As well, have you tried initiating a reboot of the ON100 via the dashboard (lightening bolt -> Misc. Action -> Reboot).  All of my sites are updating WAN Stats correctly.

Shawn Eftink CCNA/CCDA Please rate all helpful posts and mark correct answers to assist others searching for solutions in the community.

Yes - I confirmed I'm running Version  I also rebootedthe ONPlus device remotely multiple times.

But WAN stats are still stuck on 2012-12-15.  I also noticed that if I try testing the "WAN Network Performance" monitor, the test fails for some reason.

I am not aware of any configuration or hardware changes at the client side since the 15th December which might have caused this.


guys, since I still have a customer with there a real fix is it possible to round back the firmware on this one device?  It has been way too long  without a solution...could this be a hardware issue? I don't think so but We need to get a fix

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