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WMI Monitors - next gen


Hi Guys,

I have asked about this before but it's probably been 6 or 8 months.

Is there any chance that we are going to get more wmi options.  Like installed software, machine types and serials?  I would see a few reports that would be good to have with this information.  And we could also alert on end users installing software.

Any chance this is going to get into the code?






Of course this is just my opinion, but most of the discussions/recommendations I have given Cisco related to OnPlus are to focus their efforts on Cisco devices, as this is an area that is severely lacking in the MSP world, with minimal functionality to Windows devices.

If you want to start getting more in-depth into the Windows devices, I would STRONGLY recommend looking at another RMM platform like Kaseya, N-Able, Level Platforms, etc.  They are very cost effective and allow you to do more than you would probably dream of at this point and FAR more than OnPlus will be able to do anytime in the foreseeable future.  That's not a hit to OnPlus.  I think OnPlus is addressing a very specific need in the MSP market.

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I do understand what you are saying regarding other RMM platforms.

My view is slightly different...  If I had the capability to do more functionality then I would have more of these devices out in our customer base.  I personally don't see Level Platforms as something that is cost effective, easy to use, or a good platform overall (now I haven't used it in about 18 months, so I am sure it has gotten better).

I think that if you open it up to do disk space, memory, disk status, process watching, adding machine types, serial numbers and software inventory is trivial.  You already have the core connectivity there.

Not only that, the snmp support is not great, and there are lots of things you could do with snmp even.

I would be happy with the capability to expand on the device myself if given the opportunity.  Since I assume this device is running linux, with some scripts (perl, shell, ruby, python, whatever) and some conditions that it flags to send alerts.  This is not to say I want to start from the beginning myself, source a device myself, and do all the current functionality again, because that is not as much worth my time.

I see lots of value that we could provide small business owners based on what the device is and really what else we could do with it.  I picked on wmi, because i have already looked up the commands to do those 3 items I have listed.

I could pick on something like printer toner... you could get through an snmp call to say how much toner is left and alert on that.  You could pull out pages printed and report on that.  You could put in the software inventory.

I more think of this like this...  what can I do using Spiceworks... why can't we put that functionality into this device?


We are looking for a generalist multi-functional type of monitoring device that can do a lot of the things that Spiceworks or generic Nagios can do on a network.  Ideally, this functionality would exist as a simple to deploy appliance with minimal configuration needed to start getting use out of it.  With that said, we really like the ease with which OnPlus can be added to a customer network, and it immediatly starts returning value to both our customers and to our business model.  We would, however, love to see more WMI and SNMP capabilities rolled out into OnPlus.

For our customer base, products like Kaseya, etc. are not cost-effective.  Most of our customers are rural and smaller in size and/or not-for-profits, or mom and pops, or one or two or three location chains, so the pricing on a full-featured MSP product is just not affordable in this kind of market segment.

There is, however, a strong need for an easy to deploy, affordable, general purpose monitoring device that can be used to perform a variety of basic technology infrastructure monitoring duties.

We really like the OnPlus devices and the OnPlus portal, and we want to express our desire and agreement with Mr. Yeo that it would be great to have more WMI and SNMP capabilities added to the device.

(printer supplies/printer monitoring, multi-vendor SNMP managed network device firmware backup, multi-wan monitoring capabilities, and additional Windows and *nix monitoring via WMI and SNMP immediately come to mind as extrememly useful)

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