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15454 MSPP BLSR 2F OC-192 creation issue (EID-2127)

We've just completed an OC-192 ring through six 15454 MSPP nodes (Version 9.2.1). This ring carries traffic (Unprotected at this point in time) from any point to any other in the network using G1000-4/CE-1000-4/CE-MR-10 cards on the client side. No more than 50 STS-1 are utilized on any OC192 spans.

When trying to "install" BLSR 2F on this ring, I get the EID-2127 message which mentions that certain circuits are using "different STS regions on different spans". It also suggests I use other spans (???) or delete the circuits (???????).

Does any of it has to do with the fact that a specific circuit occupies STS#1 on span#1 and STS#5 on span#2 and STS#22 on span#3 and so forth? Hence the "different regions?

Is it a requirement that at any point on the ring, the circuit must occupy the exact same timeslot on any given span?

Example: STS#1 on span#1, STS#1 on span#2, STS#1 on span#3, etc...

These 6 nodes are part of a much larger network which connects with other OC192 (Not in a ring configuration) or OC48 (Also not in a ring configuration). This in turns creates a situation where a circuit could "enter" the actual ring at "B" and "leave" at "C" using STS#1 on span#2. If, subsequently, I create a STS-1 circuit from "A" to "D" (Going through "B" and "C"), the result would be have a circuit using STS#1 on span#1, STS#2 on span#2, STS#1 on span#3. This result would be detrimental in regards to "installing" BLSR 2F on that ring.

Subquestion: is there an way (CTC or TL-1) to move (Or edit) the timeslots assignment for a particular circuit other that creating TL1 circuits locally on each node to preserve "alignment"?



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