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20gig etherchannel between 2 switches having discards

I have an issue at work, where a 20 gig pipe is having discards. Everything looks normal. It's an ether-channel between the two core routers in the Data center. Please give some pointers on what I need to check. So far I can't find anything wrong with the ports and what cause it to drop packets. Only one side drops packets the other side of the link is clean. I may have to load balance vlans but I need to know the safest way to do that because this is two core switches that I am dealing with and I do not want drop the links. I provided some output below, let me know if more info is needed.

rtrcorp1g-02#show etherchannel 3 port-channel
                Port-channels in the group:

Port-channel: Po3    (Primary Aggregator)


Age of the Port-channel   = 659d:12h:34m:38s
Logical slot/port   = 14/3          Number of ports = 2
HotStandBy port = null
Port state          = Port-channel Ag-Inuse
Protocol            =   LACP
Fast-switchover     = disabled
Load share deferral = disabled

Ports in the Port-channel:

Index   Load      Port          EC state       No of bits
 0          55         Te3/13             Active       4
 1          AA         Te6/13             Active       4

rtrcorp1g-02#show etherchannel load-balance module 3
EtherChannel Load-Balancing Configuration:
        mpls label-ip

EtherChannel Load-Balancing Addresses Used Per-Protocol:
Non-IP: Source XOR Destination MAC address
  IPv4: Source XOR Destination IP address
  IPv6: Source XOR Destination IP address
  MPLS: Label or IP

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