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CISCO SFP Module Transceiver GLC-FE-100FX


The end device is a Relay which has fibre interface specification as 100MB ST Multimode 1310nm. 

We want to connect this relay device to Cisco Switch IE-4010-16S12P to one of the SFP port. As such we intend to use Cisco SFP adaptor GLC-FE-100FX which is fast ethernet and multimode compatible but the wavelength is 1300nm. 

Could you please confirm and clarify if the SFP GLC-FE-100FX is compatible with the end device relay. 

However, I have  noticed in some other documentations such as installation manual of GLC-FE-100FX that the wavelength is 1310nm. I am confused with the conflicting information. 

Thanks in advance for your kind support and advise. 

Leo Laohoo
VIP Community Legend

According to the TMG Matrix (LINK), IE-4010-16S12P & GLC-FE-100FX should work if the switch is running the right firmware.

When installed, what is the cable distance of the cable run from the switch to this relay?

Thanks for the response. I have attached the datasheet of my end device with fibre interface spec ST, Multimode 1310nm. Could you advise if GLC-FE-100FX will work fine with the end device. 

The cable distance of the cable run from the the switch to the relay is 30m. 

my concern is also the SFP module GLC-FE-100FX is 1300nm (in some cisco datasheet it is 1310nm) and the end device relay is 1310nm. Does 1300nm and 1310nm makes any difference.

Thanks for your responses.

Leo Laohoo
VIP Community Legend

I believe this is a bug in the documentation and Cisco does not have the "capacity" to update or amend.  

Maybe @Marvin Rhoads may be able to chime in.

The GLC-FE-100FX (Fast Ethernet at 100 Mbps) operates at a 1300 nm nominal wavelength over multimode fiber.

I say nominal since it is multimode using a LED light source and not a coherent (laser) light source.

1310 nm is generally used for single mode applications or 1000Base-SX over multimode (i.e. Gigabit Ethernet at 1000 Mbps). The data sheet you shared does not specify 100 vs. 1000 Mbps; but I would suspect the latter based on the specified 1310 nm. If it expects a 1000 Mbps signal over 1310 nm, it will definitely NOT be compatible with 100 Mbps over 1300 nm.

I'd recommend you consult with the vendor of your relay device if there is further doubt


Thanks for the response. I've checked the detailed spec of the relay (please find attached) and it is mentioned as 100MB multimode over 1300nm wavelength. I guess then the SFP GLC-FE-100FX is perfectly fine to use. And I assume there was typo error by relay device manufacturer on description in the order code as 1310nm.


Secondly, I do noticed in some cisco datasheet (installation manual) attached, that the wavelength for GLC-FE-100FX is 1310nm as well. I am not sure if this is typo again. I wonder if 1300nm or 1310nm really matters ?



Leo Laohoo
VIP Community Legend

@Ismailkhan1 wrote:

I wonder if 1300nm or 1310nm really matters ?

Yes.  It does. 

Cisco does not have a 100BaseFX that operates at 1310nm.  So look somewhere else.  Look at (LINK).

I have heard a lot of good stories about them and their optics work.